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Eating a natural whole foods diet that is balanced and fresh, regular exercise such as walking, avoiding tobacco and all drugs, and getting plenty of rest are the components that make up a healthy lifestyle. To keep them in top condition, our bodies are like machines that need the right proportions of protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water to function properly. If you get the proportions wrong, your health will likely suffer as a result. This category will (eventually) contain many articles that cover many aspects of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. articles

Dr. H. Sutcliffe Maverick Doctor

Many years ago, an elderly patient from Havelock North here in Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand) mentioned that her favourite doctor was a bit of a maverick. In fact, he was in some sense a natural therapist medical doctor. It was...

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Elderly Residents Face Malnutrition

Do you have an elderly mother or father? Many elderly people face malnutrition, it is sad to see how all too many end up in a retirement village with endless drug prescriptions and poor diets.          

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