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Comments are most welcomed on, and encouraged because you, the reader, are such an important part of what makes our online community so unique. We are committed to keeping this website as a place for open and respectful debate. There are a few things I do not allow, as well as instances when comments may be edited or even deleted. All comments are subject to these terms of service. Please read our Disclaimer, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Affiliate Disclosure before leaving a comment, as they apply to all content on this website, including anything you post in the comments.  Your acceptance of these policies will be indicated by visiting or leaving a comment.

Good, Bad and Ugly Comments

All comments posted that are rude, contain profanity, or that contain personal attacks will be deleted in a blink. When you take part in a discussion about one of our articles or recipes, you are essentially taking part in a discussion about health in a virtual room full of people. It’s like you’re in my clinic, so please be respectful. I’ve seen people from an incredible range of backgrounds and have learned to be accepting of many lifestyles, opinions and beliefs.

If you post comments that include personal attacks, name-calling, racist or anti-religious sentiments, political rants, insulting others, or blatantly promoting your product or services, I will kindly ask you to leave the room. Otherwise, I am delighted to have you here and always enjoy pleasant conversation with like-minded people.

Good Comments

We love you guys and always encourage open discussion, including any disagreements or differing opinions, in the comment section.Really good comments are grounded in science AND common sense, less in conspiracy theories, they can even include links to peer reviewed sources. Good comments can also relate to personal experiences. Debate needs to be a civil and respectful exchange, and avoids commentary about others’ diets, lifestyles, beliefs or opinions. Good also means not discussing religious or political topics, these are not relevant to this website and are often cause heated and inflamed discussion. If you want to make such comments, please go somewhere else like Reddit.

The Bad

We may become worried about you. The bad utilises generalisations, assumptions, infotainment sources, no sources, or complaints without specifics about agenda, bias, or funding. At best, such adverse comments give rise to a very weak basis for discussion. Bad comments can also include entirely off-topic discussion.

Your comment may be marked as “spam” and deleted unless you use your real (genuine) name and correct email address. When commenting, please don’t use a nickname, business name or fake name. Your comment may be ignored and deleted, as it may not conform to our guidelines.

Your comment will be marked as “spam” and deleted if you add URLs or website addresses to your comment or your signature. We will deem it as a backlink or business prospecting, and our spam filter will delete all such comments. Your comment in this case did not conform to our guidelines.

Your comment may be deleted if we cannot read it, or if it makes no sense and is unintelligible. Your comment will be deleted if it is a foreign language, what’s the point? Please used translation software before posting in a language other than English. That way everybody can read your comments. Please use reasonably good English, even if it isn’t your first language. Your comment may remain unanswered. This can happen for many reasons, especially if we have already answered before it. Eric cannot guarantee that he personally can or will answer every single comment. Please understand this. He will reply to comments when and where he can, but make no guarantees.

The Ugly

I’m sorry, but we don’t like you, and may ask you to kindly leave the room. Depending on the comment, it could be removal or even a total ban from any further participation to commenting on this website.  The ugly involves attacks / antagonism / hostility towards individuals or groups, downvote complaining, trolling, crusading, shaming, homophobia, refutation of all science, or claims that all research / science is a conspiracy styled comments. Delete, goodbye, it was nice to know you (although briefly).

It makes sense that we are only interested in genuine comments, or any useful information that may be of help to others. Any comment that clearly doesn’t contribute to, such as promotional comments, or obvious spam, will be deleted. Any comments obviously intended for back-linking will be deleted and author’s email address and IP address banned and blocked from

The website is not a forum for discrediting any forms of healing/medicine, religion of belief system. If you don’t agree with our terms and condition, then please don’t comment, what’s the point?  Why not start your own website, it will be your blog and on your rules.

Comment Summary

  • Comments are not medical advice. Please note that no comments or replies to any comments on this website constitute medical advice. Please read our Disclaimer for more information.
  • Comment Moderation. All comments are moderated, please be patient if your comment is not visible or approved right away! Please submit your comment once only. Above all, respect others. Use common sense and think of others when posting your comment, if your comment didn’t appear, was it offensive?
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  • Comments with links. Any comments with links will be held automatically. Comments with links promoting products or services, affiliate links, MLM links, back links and any link not appropriate to the comment (for example linking to studies) will be deleted. Repeated linking and spamming will result in the user’s IP address being blocked.
  • Courtesy. Any comments that we feel are inappropriate or offensive will be deleted. You may have views that are different than the content, or somebody else’s comment. Failure to respect other view points, personal attacks, rude of offensive comments will result in the comment being deleted and the author likely banned from commenting any further.
  • Comment relevance. We appreciate it if the comments are appropriate and relevant to the topic. Any comments that are irrelevant will likely remain unanswered or be deleted.
  • Comment language. All comments posted in a foreign language (non-English) may be deleted. We recommend using Google Translator. You will be able to translate over 100 languages quickly into English.
  • Comment not appearing. It pays to be patient when posting any comments. Because ALL comments are moderated, it may take a day (or three) before your comment is published.
  • Spam comments. All comments that are seen to be spam will be deleted. Commenters who repeatedly post spam will be blocked, no problem. Please be kind!