About Us


Greetings! I’m Eric Bakker, N.D., a naturopathic physician from New Zealand, and my wife, Tracee Reynolds, has been my partner in life and work for the last forty years. Together, we share a passion for natural health and well-being.

In the pre-Google era, I published articles in various health magazines. More recently, I’ve shared my insights online during my 34 years of clinical naturopathic practice. My YouTube channels feature many videos on different health-related topics, and I’ve written numerous blog posts across various websites over the past twenty years.

Meet the Team

Tracee Reynolds

Tracee Reynolds, my partner and the mother of our four children, has always been dedicated to raising our kids in as natural a way as possible, even though the pulls of the modern world are strong. Her love for gardening and her deep connection to family are central to who she is.

Tracee’s experience, knowledge and support spans across our business, garden, and life responsibilities, although she humbly acknowledges my culinary skills.

Empowering Natural Healing Through Informed Choices

Our writing reflects our philosophy: empowering people to change their bodies at the cellular level without relying on pharmaceutical drugs. We believe the human body can heal itself when given the right conditions. Our articles, grounded in common sense, provide in-depth and well-referenced information on a wide range of common health conditions.

Professional Fulfillment Through Health Advocacy

It’s amazing to be part of a profession that helps others improve their health and well-being. We feel fortunate to be part of someone’s recovery from illnesses they may have endured for years. It’s incredibly rewarding to receive an email from a patient about their recovery, sometimes even many years later.

Clinical Research and Personalized Care

Over the years, our clinic has seen many chronic cases improve with personalized diet and specific lifestyle advice. Many such patients, after being told there was nothing more to be done, inspired me to conduct clinical research on complex gut-related health conditions over twenty years, involving many patients and countless hours of work.

Individualized Treatment Protocols

We found that the suggested protocols for specific diseases were lacking individuality. Many natural medicine practitioners we knew were getting average results with these treatment methods. We developed a different approach, focusing on patient-centered care rather than disease-focused protocols. This led to the research and development of specialized lifestyle, diet, and nutrition health programs, including our unique nutritional and herbal products.

Ongoing Commitment to Health

I’m 64 years old and still going strong, hoping to inspire and motivate others for many years to come. You don’t need much money to achieve amazing health, but you do need common sense, motivation, and the willingness to put in the effort. Tracee and I continue to work together, looking forward to empowering people along their path to wellness.

Professional Background

 Integrative Medicine Practice

As a professionally registered and qualified naturopath, I’ve always been involved with integrative medicine. This healthcare paradigm integrates evidence-based traditional and complementary treatments with modern evidence-based Western medical methods, emphasizing personalized patient care. I’ve practiced with medical doctors in clinics in both Australia and New Zealand. Here read some of my professional testimonials

Retirement and Online Focus

Before retiring from clinical practice in 2019, I treated patients with chronic and complex diseases. They would travel far and wide to receive treatment recommendations at our clinic in Havelock North, New Zealand. In fact, our clinic was one of the first to implement on-line consultations. Now, I focus on online natural health and well-being education.

Naturopathic Philosophy

Naturopathy emphasizes well-being, maintaining wellness, and preventing ill health, not just treating disease symptoms. Symptoms are manifestations of the body’s attempt to heal and repair itself. Our philosophy is to do no harm, as taught by Hippocrates, the Greek physician who introduced the holistic view of medicine and the concept of “the healing power of nature”.

Professional Training and Education

Naturopathic doctors (NDs) are professionally registered, licensed, and qualified in the same fundamental health and biological sciences as medical doctors (MDs). Naturopaths establish a complete understanding of health and illness based on Western medical disciplines, improving abilities in diagnosis, illness prevention, and wellness enhancement.


I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Complementary Health Care, along with diploma and degree qualifications in Naturopathy, Herbal Medicine, and Homeopathy. Before retiring, I served as the clinical director of The Naturopaths, a renowned naturopathic clinic in New Zealand. With nearly ten years of academic study and over thirty years of clinical experience in natural and integrative medicine, my background is extensive and well-rounded.

From Naturopath to Supplement Formulator

In the early 1980s, I pursued studies in natural medicine principles through correspondence courses and workshops, eventually qualifying as a naturopath in the late 1980s. Over the years, my clinical practice, dedicated study, and research led me to specialize in dietary and herbal supplement formulation. Upon relocating to New Zealand in 1998, I established a naturopathic clinic and took on the role of technical manager for FX Med, a leading supplier of practitioner-only dietary supplements.

Naturopaths Own Formulations

In 2006, we founded Nutrisearch, a New Zealand startup specializing in practitioner-only nutritional supplements, where I served as the technical and clinical services director. During my tenure, I developed Naturopaths Own, a meticulously researched line of supplements. This range includes a Vitamin C powder (Daily-C), a magnesium product, a joint formula, various probiotic formulations, a green juice powder, and one of New Zealand’s highest quality multivitamins. These products have since become best-sellers in the Australian and New Zealand practitioner-grade dietary supplement market..

The Naturopaths Clinic Formulations

In addition, I formulated various liquid herbal medicines for many common conditions, as well as several specialty formulations, including a supplement for patients with hypothyroid conditions.

Creating CanXida Formulations

After publishing my book “Candida Crusher” in 2013, I created CanXida, a range of the world’s first broad-spectrum anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, and anti-bacterial dietary supplements. These formulations have received amazing reviews.

Ongoing Education and Research

I’ve attended national and international natural and integrative medicine conferences and health expos for many years. I keep up with the latest science and trends in natural medicine to create the best products.

Sharing Knowledge Online

Our website contains several hundred health and wellness articles about different medical conditions, natural medicine treatment recommendations, home remedies, and more. You’ll find unique hints and tips backed with scientific evidence, free of charge.

Gardener and Beekeeper

This site is not only about diseases and natural treatment. Soon, you’ll find information and videos on cultivating fruits and vegetables, cooking fresh foods, food preserving, and even beekeeping. These are all important for our family’s health and well-being, and we hope to inspire you to try growing your own food too.

Wishing You the very best of Health