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Eating a natural whole foods diet that is balanced and fresh, regular exercise such as walking, avoiding tobacco and all drugs, and getting plenty of rest are the components that make up a healthy lifestyle. To keep them in top condition, our bodies are like machines that need the right proportions of protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water to function properly. If you get the proportions wrong, your health will likely suffer as a result. This category will (eventually) contain many articles that cover many aspects of what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. articles

Fatigue Syndrome

We're all exhausted sometimes. The reasons are typically clear: Too many late nights, too much work, a baby keeping you awake But prolonged weariness or exhaustion is not normal. I've found stress to be a key feature of fatigue. Learn...

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6 Things That Make You Happier

Few people would claim they wouldn't prefer to be happier, and it is simple to understand why. Happiness is a fantastic emotional and mental experience, so we would want to increase its presence in our lives! The idea of happiness...

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Addicted To Wine

Is it unhealthy to drink a bottle of wine every day? Researchers agree that consuming wine in moderation is not harmful to your health, despite the fact that opinions on wine are split down the middle. Wine consumption of up...

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Love Your Disease

Healing oneself involves enquiry. The underlying stress and/or mental health issues that led to the development of your disease, and that are now keeping it going, can be deduced from the symptoms and consequences of your current sickness. There is...

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5 Signs Of Health And Longevity

We sometimes think of those that are truly healthy are those that are ‘super-fit’, or perhaps ‘eat everything organic’, or the slimming and beauty culture. In fact, good health can be obtained by anybody, and can often be achieved by...

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Holidays Are Hard On Your Gut

Holiday Food And Fun Can Be Hazardous To Health Ease maladies like indigestion and hangovers with natural medicine. I’ve think it would be interesting to take a poll to see what month of the year people are most frequently ill....

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