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Stress is a natural human emotion that affects everyone at some point in their lives. In truth, the human body is built to recognise and respond to stress. Your body develops physical and mental responses in response to changes or difficulties (stressors). That's what stress is. Your body's stress responses assist it in adapting to new surroundings. Stress can be beneficial in that it keeps us attentive, motivated, and prepared to avoid danger. A stress reaction, for example, may help your body work harder and stay awake longer if you have an important test coming up. When stressors persist without reprieve or moments of relaxation, it becomes a problem.

Postpartum Depression

After giving birth, the 'baby blues' is a brief period of feeling down, emotional, and crying. It only lasts around two weeks after giving birth. It is perfectly normal to feel this way. Postpartum depression can be defined as depression...

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Worried About Heart Disease? Try Stress Management

A 5-year study of men with heart disease showed that those who went through 4 months of stress management training were less likely to need a heart procedure such as bypass surgery over the study period. Adding stress management to...

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Do you suffer from insomnia, how are you sleeping? Depression is common in many with those with sleeping issues, some who are constantly fatigued or tired during the day, others may find they may have sleep apnoea, (known as apnoea...

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Overactive Adrenals Lead To Insomnia

Scientists have found increased blood levels of stress hormones in people with chronic insomnia, suggesting that these individuals suffer from sustained, round-the-clock activation of the body’s system for responding to stress. For this reason, the researchers suggest, doctors who treat...

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Stress And Your Gut

Most patients I see in my practice eat under some kind of stressful situation, like a time constraint (during their lunch break in front of a screen), while watching the six o’clock news at night, checking messages on their cell...

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Muscular Tension Is Common With Stress

Do you suffer with a sore lower back, tight neck and shoulders or have tension headaches regularly? What I’ve noticed is that many people I’ve seen with chronic illness of several years duration also complain of sore and tight muscles,...

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