Vegan Recipes

On several of our weekdays, we prepare vegan meals for either breakfast, lunch, or supper at our place. There are always exceptions, but a majority of the dishes that I find myself most looking forwards to preparing and eating are plant-based dishes. Placing vegetables and fruits in the middle of my plate is one of my favourite things to do, since not only is it beneficial for my family's health and wellbeing, plant-based meals taste so good and are a better option if you care about our earth.

Pasta Sauce with Eggplant, Red Capsicum and Currants

Eggplants are an excellent choice as a vegetable. They are nutrient rich and taste superb roasted up. A good tip is to cut them into 12 millimetre (about half an inch) thick slices, and then into strips about 25 ml...

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Vegetarian Stir Fry

Not sure what to have for dinner? This dish is a knock-out mixture of textures, flavours, colours and healthy nutrients. It is so easy and quick to make as well. I can make a stir-fry each night of the week...

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Quinoa Breakfast

A Quinoa Breakfast is different, and unlike any breakfast you will have had previously. Do try it, you may even end up liking it! The recipe makes one large serving, or two smaller ones. There are many variations possible, try...

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Baked Avocados

Do you eat avocados? They are a fantastic food to eat, and belong in the top ten healthiest foods, along with blueberries, kiwifruit, apple, etc. Did you know you can eat them baked as well as fresh? Here is a...

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Chickpea And Millet Patties

Do you like millet? Some call it birdseed.  Are you trying to eat less meat? The I highly recommend you need to try this recipe, a very tasty dish and a great lunchbox filler. I like to munch on these...

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Vegetarian Burgers

Are you a committed vegan or vegetarian? We congratulate on taking this step towards good health. Many of our patients are vegetarian, but many are meat eaters as well. I'm not prejudiced towards one or the other, but do believe...

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