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I’m Eric, a naturopath with 34 years of clinical experience. I retired from clinical work in 2019. My time is now devoted to health and wellness education online, as well as to my family and our healthy lifestyle & garden. ​There are hundreds of articles and recipes to check out on this site, you’ll find comprehensive articles on many topics. Looking for something in particular? Try using the search bar. Thanks for dropping by. Don’t forget to subscribe, you’ll have access to a free health and wellness course!

The Healing Power Of Nature

You’ll find a lot more to this website than just blog pages about diseases and natural treatment. While this website contains many such pages, the emphasis is on leading a healthy lifestyle, growing your own fruits & vegetables, and how to prepare, cook, and even preserve your own foods. In time, we will even show you how we keep bees and catch our own fish. If you want to learn more about any of these topics, then come & join us and learn how to lead a cleaner, healthier and more relaxed lifestyle!

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Stress and Insomnia

Stress And Digestion

    Most patients I used to see in my practice eat under some kind of stressful situation, like a time constraint (during their lunch break in front of a screen), while watching the six o’clock news at night, checking...

Stress and Insomnia

People Are Our Biggest Stress In Life

        Did you know that the biggest stress we could face in life involves other people and relationships? It's called the apex stress.  

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Elderly Residents Face Malnutrition

Do you have an elderly mother or father? Many elderly people face malnutrition, it is sad to see how all too many end up in a retirement village with endless drug prescriptions and poor diets.          

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Antioxidant ORAC Rating

The higher the ORAC value, the more powerful an antioxidant or food's antioxidant capacity. Some of our most colourful fruits and vegetables have the highest ORAC ratings.  

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Dr. H. Sutcliffe Maverick Doctor

Many years ago, an elderly patient from Havelock North here in Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand) mentioned that her favourite doctor was a bit of a maverick. In fact, he was in some sense a natural therapist medical doctor. It was...