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Eric’s expertise is in general naturopathic medicine, before Eric retired (2019) he gained more than 30  years of clinical experience in treating patients with all manner of health complaints ranging from psoriasis, candida yeast infections, shingles, tinnitus,  gout, all types of digestive problems  such as heartburn as well as the successful treatment of adrenal fatigue and thyroid conditions.

Eric saw the need for specific information to address the concerns of the ageing baby-boomers (those born between 1946 to 1964) to help them achieve better levels of health and wellness. He has always been appalled at the amount of prescribed medications people are taking and the speed with which people were having surgery to address basic dietary indiscretions, nutritional deficiencies and lifestyle problems such as stress. So he has drawn on his vast clinical experience as well as his research and science background to write articles on many aspects of health and healing. We trust that you will find the content most useful if you have an interest in healing the body with natural medicine. The articles on this website are read by patients as well as practitioners online and many are linked to various natural health blogs or websites.

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If you want to know more about who I am and what I’ve done in the past then please read my Linkedin page to read more.


Candida Yeast Infections

Candida yeast infections is one of the more comprehensive areas of this website, but in time this will change as I write about various other conditions I also have been specializing in, such as psoriasis.

You will find plenty of great information on the Candida Page

Candida Crusher

cover_3d_03 copy

Candida Crusher was my first book and was released in 2013. When you see the contents section you will understand why the book has been so well received. This is a 712 page book that will be found most useful by not only those who have a Candida yeast infection, but also by those who are interested in learning more about diet and lifestyle, stress and health, detoxification and many other aspects influencing health in general. It is an excellent book for those who have a chronic illness they just can’t seem to beat, and is based on decades of naturopathic practice. Candida Crusher is the most comprehensive book of its kind yet written about curing a yeast infection. It has become very popular and has sold in over 60 countries the past year, thank you all for your wonderful feedback.



Find Plenty of The Best Information The Psoriasis Program

Psoriasis is another one of Eric’s specialties. He has been treating patients with psoriasis for as long as he has been treating those with candida. If you have psoriasis, or know anybody who does, it would be most advantageous to look at this most comprehensive website called thepsoriasisprogram.com  There are many articles including over 50 psoriasis suitable recipes  The Psoriasis Program is the most comprehensive natural treatment program ever created for the psoriasis patient, it consists of 13 separate e-books (almost 700 pages in total) that allow the psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis patient to successfully treat their condition at home – without having to rely on creams or drugs. View a free presentation that outlines my 5-stage psoriasis program on this link.


writing articles

Knowledge Base

Naturopath Eric is passionate about helping people improve their lives with natural medicine. He is well known in Australia, New Zealand as well as the United States and the UK for his ability to treat patients in the clinic as well as his extensive research, writings, lectures and presentations on natural medicine. Eric was frequently requested to present on different topics at integrated medical association conferences, natural medicine colleges and to groups of health-care professionals. Eric is well published online with over 1,000 articles, 3,000 You Tube videos and various health books written over the past three decades, but has finally placed much of his work in one location – on ericbakker.com

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