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“Thank You So Much”

“Hi Dr. Bakker, I just wanted to let you know that your information has helped me literally turn my life right around.I promised to send you an email about my improvements so here it is.

I have been very sick for over twenty years and have been to so many doctors who thought I was crazy. After reading one of your articles on adrenal fatigue, I finally realized that I was NOT crazy but was suffering from adrenal fatigue and poor thyroid function. You have been so kind and generous with your time with me, and I think that you are a special person with a gift of helping others to get well. You did tell me that it would take time to get well, and you were right, it took over a year! I have been on the Dr. Wilson’s adrenal fatigue program and noticed that I started o improve after about 3 months (you kept on telling me to be patient!). I think I’m still improving, and my friends can’t believe how much I’ve changed as well.

The biggest change I have noticed is that I can now truly say that my energy and sleep have not been this good in as many years that I can remember. I’m 46 years old now, and after three kids, a divorce and (almost) facing bankruptcy I thought it was all the end for me. Thank you so much for helping me. I just hope there are others out there who are at the end of their rope like I was and who are reading this.

Jemma M’Craig, La Crosse, Wisconsin, USA


“We really enjoyed online health course”

Dear Eric,

My husband and I really enjoyed the free health course, I forwarded them to my sister in America who enjoyed them too. Many of the hints we read were great and your sleeping tips were fantastic, they have made a real difference in my life”. June Bauer, Collingwood, Melbourne, January, 2011

“Thanks for the Healthy Foods Shopping List

“Hi Eric,

I just want to say a big thanks for your Healthy Foods Shopping List, it is fantastic!! I have used this on many occasion and find it so handy. It has helped me select the best brands and it is also easier buying gluten-free with this list as well. I hope you don’t mind, I photocopied it for my daughter and she too can now make healthier choices when at the supermarket”.

Margaret Bauer, Tauranga, New Zealand,

“A Refreshing Website”

Hi Eric,

I like your website and your newsletter a lot. Your information has helped me and my wife a lot, and we

are surprised how much information you give away for nothing! Your website is also not full of advertisments like most I have seen. Thanks so much for all the time and effort you have put into your website, I have recommended several of my friends to subscribe to your great newsletter!

Geoff Resance, Wellington, New Zealand,

“Than you for giving me my life back

Thank you so much Eric,

“Just a quick email to let you know how your website has helped me so much. Only 2 months ago I was on 26 tablets a day and felt terrible, and I truly had enough of feeling like this for the past 4 years after a horse riding accident. I have also had an operation to have a tumor and ovary removed, and my doctor just kept on giving me more and more tablets, but I wanted to find out want I could do when he could help no more – and came across your fantastic website!

And after reading many of your articles, I have made several huge changes in my exercise and eating regime, I am now off all my tablets & feeling great !! Thank you so much for caring about people and letting your extensive information be so freely available to people, it is all there and all we need to do is to read it and to make the changes.

Once again, I would like to thank you so so much, from myself and family, a huge THANK YOU for giving me the information to help my children and husband to lead healthier lives, and also from saving me from a horrible time. I finally feel that I have my life back. I am 36yrs old and didn’t know how I was going to make it to 40 years, now I am enjoying life again and  look forward to the future.” Thank-you so very much,

Angela Ryan, New York, USA

“I so value getting your e-newsletters and all the information you give us”.

For years I’ve had difficulty getting to sleep ( I know what time birds begin to wake ) and I’ve functioned on 2-3 hours sleep often. I have been drinking decaf coffee but recently read in one of your articles that decaf contains caffeine – I now drink Inka.(roasted chicory, barley, etc). I am astounded to report that I get to sleep after10 minutes !!

Thank you for the information that has changed my daily energy patterns.

Regards, Barbara, Hamilton, New Zealand

“Great Stuff”

“Great stuff, I find that your newsletters always contain some very interesting information and your website is the most informative one I have seen put together by any one naturopath. I have a problem with candida and your article I found particularly relevant was the one about men and yeast infections. Let me know as soon as your book on yeast infections is published, because I want a copy!”

Hamish Cardwell, Brighton, England

“Thanks for your wonderful e-newsletter”

“Hi Eric, Once again, I want to say heartfelt Thanks for your wonderful e-newsletter. I really appreciate the effort you put into it; it’s so informative and interesting. I intend giving many of your recipes a go!”

Susan , New Zealand

“Thanks Eric for sharing such a fantastic piece for living”

Dear Eric ,

Wow, what a lovely surprise to receive this month’s newsletter – it’s the first one I’ve laid eyes upon and already I’m very excited and intrigued by the informative and wise counsel provided here for a healthy lifestyle. So THANK YOU Eric for sharing such a fantastic piece for living. I look forward to many more!

Emma Catsanis , Melbourne, Australia

“I always send a copy of your newsletter to my brother”

Hi Eric,

“Don and I do appreciate your regular newsletters, we still have them from many years ago because I print them off. Some of the health advice I have found in your newsletters is really good and I always make sure I send a copy over to my brother who now lives in Germany”

Susannah and Don Marsh, Sydney, Australia

“Keep the recipes coming”

Hi Eric,

“I have been making your yoghurt recipe for over ten years, it is fantastic. Keep you recipes coming, I’m sure there will be many others out there who appreciate your wisdom and insight into natural healing. Trish and I always look forward to reading your monthly articles. My naturopath gave me one of your articles many years ago and it certainly helped me with constipation.

Lindsay Joblin, Paramatta, NSW, Australia

“Spot on”

Dr. Bakker, your articles on adrenal fatigue and exhaustion are amazing!. What you have described is exactly how I have been feeling for years but nobody believes me. You were spot on with your article called “Are you heading for burnout?” I want to thank you for your newsletters, I enjoy them and print them off so that I can read them again later. Your health advice is sound “

Mary-Ann Tissen , Houston, Texas, USA

“The best I’ve seen”

“Hi Eric, Your website is one of the best I’ve seen, (probably the best 🙂 by any naturopath. I am a student naturopath and love looking at your website, I have learned so much! Thanks for loading all this valuable content onto the internet for everybody to read, I have spent hours reading and there is still so much to read. Let me know if you need an assistant, I’d love to contribute to your website!” 

Jenny Reeves, London, England