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Pharmaceutical medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with the discovery, evaluation, registration, monitoring, and clinical aspects of predominantly chemical and synthetic drug development. Most all drugs create unwanted side effects and even diseases themselves called iatrogenic illness.

Chemists More Stressed Than Doctors

Job satisfaction amongst surgeons, doctors and pharmacists varied according to gender, the relative amount of time spent in public practice and the perceived ill effects of work on health. Pharmacists were significantly less satisfied. Physicians and surgeons reported similar levels...

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Cholesterol Lowering

While cholesterol is a molecule, what it's bound to while circulating through your blood is more crucial to know than how much of it there is in total. The amount of each type of blood fat in your blood is...

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Statin Drugs Side Effects

The most common statin adverse effects include nausea, vomiting, and muscle and joint aches and pains. Constipation, gas, or diarrhoea may also be present. The majority of people can take statins without suffering any side effects, and the most common...

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Conventional Medicine Does Not Recognise Detox As Valid

Don’t expect much support from you medical doctor when you mention the word “detox”, unless your GP has been trained in detoxification and/or nutritional medicine such as the AIMA course (Australasian Integrated Medical Association). Most medically trained physicians view detoxification as “not...

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The Dangers of Prescription Pharmaceutical Drugs

Do you take a drug from your doctor long term to "cure" your illness? You may want to think twice, because your health may actually be in jeopardy! Your doctor is trained in prescribing potentially toxic preparations which don’t have...

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Grapefruit And Medications

Grapefruit includes chemicals that may interfere with the absorption of some prescriptions, such as blood pressure and antidepressant medications. It has the potential to leave too much or too little medication in your system, which can be harmful. Always check...

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