Main Dish Recipes

Main dish recipes can include dishes for either lunch or dinner. These meals tend to be more substantial. In this category you'll find many meals that will become favourites over time, I guarantee it. Many are our family's favourites.

Quinoa Sushi

Only make sushi with rice? Think again. When I first made this sushi everybody was a bit dubious about the taste and texture, but I've made it many more times since and our family love it!

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Quinoa Tabouleh

Quinoa is a protein-packed grain grown in South America.  It can be cooked the same way as rice – boiled in water.  Use 2 cups of water for one cup of dry quinoa, bring to the boil then turn the...

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Vegetarian Kebabs Marinated

Vegetarian Kebabs taste great and I make this recipe over the summer months of January and February where  I live in New Zealand, its when I can pick plenty of fresh eggplants. These could be cooked outdoors over a barbecue...

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Steak and Salad

Are you a meat eater or a vegetarian? Ultimately it’s up to you to decide on what type of diet suits you best. Some people I see in my clinic only eat vegetarian dishes, and that is fine by me....

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Maranui Fritters on Puy Lentils

Have you ever tried Puy lentils? You can buy these at good health food shops, and they taste very nice. Now here’s an awesome recipe. It will take time to make but it is a truely fantastic dish and it...

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Lentil Burgers

Are you looking for a high protein meatless snack? Look no further, these lentil rissoles will do the trick, they taste great and are very filling. Our boys love these lentil rissoles, they are a fantastic quick meal and great...

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