Tomato and Vinegar Salad

Eric Bakker N.D.March 31, 2022

Try this very satisfying summer salad. Better still, grown your own tomatoes for this salad, it will taste even better!

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A darn-good summer salad, especially good when you have plenty of tomatoes and cucumbers growing. Use the freshest produce as always, and make sure you use a good quality malt vinegar. If you warm it a little you will find that the honey dissolves much more easily into it.

I remember that lunch wasn’t lunch if the table was set and it didn’t have a bowl of tomato, cucumber and onion salad in the middle of it, along with a good splash of the malt vinegar  Tracee’s mum still serves it up with either lunch and dinner and its always eaten in one sitting. This is detoxifying and a very alkalising dish which tastes just perfect along with a green salad and potato salad. Remember to get a good quality vinegar, preferably one made from organic ingredients and be sure to buy one in a glass (and not plastic) bottle. Caution if buying the supermarket variety (budget) vinegar. It may not have the same taste as a quality vinegar.


  • A bowl of brown malt vinegar
  • Sweeten vinegar with honey and a little water to taste
  • Slice in tomato, onion, cucumber or any combination of these.
  • Serve with a fork on to the side of your plate or on to a slice of bread

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