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Eric Bakker N.D.March 29, 2022
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Breakfast is the first meal of the day, typically consumed in the morning.

The word is a compound of “break” and “fast”, referring to the conclusion of fasting since the previous day’s last meal.
Breakfast meals vary widely in different cultures around the world, but often include a carbohydrate such as cereal or rice, fruit and/or vegetable or a meat protein like egg or sausage. In New Zealand like in many Western countries, breakfast will often include a dairy food like milk or yoghurt. Many who understand nutrition have referred to breakfast as the most important meal of the day, and many studies have found that people who skip breakfast are disproportionately likely to have problems with concentration, their metabolism, and maintaining their weight.

Remember the saying: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”? Unfortunately, breakfast in many Western developed countries  is skipped by a large amount of people. Surveys have found that between 25 – 35% of women with children simply don’t eat, or have a rushed meal. My guess is that almost half the population eat a mediocre if any breakfast at all, and this brings about many problems, particularly later in the day. I have found that those who have one to two cups of coffee before breakfast eat less or no breakfast over those who don’t have their coffee until later in the morning. As I mentioned earlier, skipping the most important meal of the day can bring about weight problems because you make up for the calories later in the day.
Before you go to bed at night, it is always good to have some sort of a plan for what you’re going to eat the following day – for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like anything in your life – if you fail to plan – you plan to fail.

Get up and Go for a Walk First

I have found that before you have breakfast, it is most beneficial to go for a walk. Talk to somebody who walks daily and they will tell you that they simply don’t feel as good on the days they skip the walk. I suggest that you try to get active in the mornings too – it makes a huge difference and will keep your metabolism going for several hours afterward which is critical if you want to maintain a healthy weight as you age.

You’ll be nicer to be around as well, a good level of fitness helps with hormone balance including mood regulation. And, you’ll want to make sure you have high quality protein for breakfast after you’ve exercised. NEVER skip breakfast, and even if you don’t feel like eating – eat a smaller portion.

What Makes a Healthy Breakfast?

It has literally taken me many years to work this out myself, to refine my formula, and I believe many of you would benefit from this information. So exactly do I do for breakfast ?
I have given you several options on this page, some are from my own personal cookbook. You can choose from a real quick shake made from an organically sourced protein powder (see below), various cereals and muesli blends through to something more substantial and cooked. The object is to give yourself plenty of good protein in the morning, after all, you are “breaking the fast” (break-fast) of your overnight rest period and need to top up the tank so to speak.


One of the protein sources I’ve found to be an excellent form of high quality protein is yellow pea protein powder. I use a powder in the morning when I am in a rush which contains in addition to 18 grams of protein per scoop a full complement of amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Breakfast Protein Drink Recipe

You will love this recipe. It’s about the closest thing to ice cream – the vanilla and coconut mixture is simply divine. Best of all, it’s so nourishing, and it will make you will feel full until lunchtime. I have this if I am in a hurry, otherwise I will have rolled oats (porridge) in winter or my home made muesli or eggs, spinach and tomato when I have a bit more time.
It makes sense to consume a good amount of protein in the morning, because your energy level will remain higher for several hours after.

The hormone cortisol is produced by your adrenal gland and its production peaks between about 6.00 am until about 10.00am in the morning, and if you eat protein you will maintain a higher cortisol level than if you eat a breakfast high in refined carbohydrates. Your body needs a boost to maintain good energy levels and a meal high in carbohydrates (like toast and jam with a cup of coffee or tea) just won’t be sufficient to carry you through. By 11.00 you will be hungry and probably want another coffee and biscuit, muesli bar or something similar.

Breakfast Protein Shake Ingredients:

  • 1 large scoop of protein ( of your choice) powder in a large container
  • Add two eggs. These are typically organic, free-range eggs. Some people out there don’t like the texture of raw eggs. Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about that here, because when you mix it up as I recommend, it is all dissolved into the mix. I challenge anyone to be able to tell the difference between a shake that has the eggs in it, and one that doesn’t. I think if you try it, you’ll be very pleasantly surprised.
  • Add about 100 – 200mls of canned coconut milk which imparts a heavenly flavor of coconut. Coconut is a great source of MCTs (Medium Chained Triglycerides). MCTs are the best low glycemic fuel for your muscles after exercise, so this protein shake is great after a work-out or a walk.  I use a canned organic coconut milk.
  • I add some LSA mix (Linseed-Sunflower-Almond. Add a good heaped tablespoon to the mix.


I highly recommend a hand mixer for the ease of clean-up. These can be purchased cheaply at your local appliance store. You can rinse it clean in under five seconds. If you use a traditional blender it will take you a lot longer. We’re all rushed in the morning, so that’s usually the last thing you’ll want to spend time on.

The Bottom Line

As long as you’re planning ahead, you too can eat healthy no matter where you are or what’s going on. It is important to remember that most people are unconsciously exchanging “convenience” for their health. Today’s society is always looking for “instant gratification” when it comes to nutrition. Take-away and convenience foods may seem quicker and easier, but believe me, they come at a significant cost to your health, and I’m sure you won’t want to pay that price down the road. Besides, whipping up this breakfast couldn’t be faster or easier, or more nutritious!

Applying these strategies – exercising in the morning, and then having a healthy, protein-rich breakfast shake – are two great, easy ways for you and your family to take good control of your health.

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