Farmed Salmon Sounds Fishy

Are you eating salmon? Is it farmed? Not all farmed salmon is necessarily bad, but nevertheless it is best to do a bit of research yourself.

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Was The Paleo Diet Plant Based?

Did ancient man consume lots of meat? Palaeolithic man was more likely to be a plant, nut, seed and root crop eater (high carb) with only occasional meats such as fish, birds, eggs, insects, grubs and on very special occasions...

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Protein is an absolutely essential component of a healthy and balanced diet. Amino acids are chemical 'building blocks' that make up proteins. Aminos help your body create and repair muscles and bones, as well as produce hormones and enzymes. They...

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The nutritional value of milk is largely undisputed. Colostrum, the first milk produced by mammals after giving birth, has been thoroughly studied on recent years, after confirming its superior nutritional and protective value when compared to milk. Initially, colostrum was...

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