Weight Loss

Have you tried to loose weight? You may have tried a “diet” of some description like so many, only to discover that it all went back on. Read The Great Diet Debate, and you will see my views on popular diets like Atkins and the Zone. It’s all about eating healthy and sensibly. No tricks, no gimmicks, just common sense.


Weight Maintenance

This is a good page for those who want to loose weight naturally. Have you struggled with your weight and found it hard not just to lose weight, but to maintain that weight loss and stay slim? Well read on, I’ve got plenty of natural solutions for you.

Weight Loss And the Low Carb Approach

People always ask Naturopaths the same old question: “Should I be on a high or low protein diet to lose and maintain my weight?” For most people, the word “diet” usually implies some type of short-term weight loss-program, but in reality should be considered a lifelong approach to using the correct foods to improve and maintain a healthy life.


Why Diets Don’t Work

Have you followed a weight loss program and lost weight, only to find that you gained all that weight again within a few months? You are not alone, in fact most people who lose weight will regain all that weight back – and gain even more weight over time. But why does this occur? Most of us are only human, we all procrastinate, promise ourselves we’ll lose weight and get fit but then put it off for another day because we are just too plain busy! We just don’t prioritize our eating and lifestyle patterns which contribute to managing a healthy weight level.


 One In Four Obese

The number of obese men has almost doubled in the past decade, according to shocking figures showing the nation is getting fatter faster. This is so for New Zealand, but if you are reading this and live in Australia, the UK or America, the statistics will most probably be the same. Results from the Ministry of Health’s 2008-09 diet and nutrition survey showed the obesity epidemic surged ahead in recent years, even though the population’s energy intake levels have dropped. It showed 28 per cent of men were now obese, compared with 17 per cent at the time of the last survey in 1997.

63 Percent Of New Zealanders Now Overweight

Australians and New Zealanders are not getting slimmer, with 63% now overweight or obese. The recently released Roy Morgan State of the Nation Report 3 found that in September, only 35% of New Zealanders had a Body Mass Index (BMI) indicating an acceptable weight, 3% down from 2009. The figures show 28% of the population is obese, up 3% from December 2001.

When looking at New Zealand attitudes towards weight-loss over the last 10 years, similar shifts are reflected with 60 per cent of the population reporting that they would like to be able to lose weight, and 38% saying that they are constantly watching their weight.