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The trace mineral molybdenum may be unfamiliar to you, but it is vital to your health. Despite the fact that your body only requires a small amount, it is an essential component of many crucial tasks. Sulfites and poisons would build up in your body if you didn't have it. Although molybdenum is abundant in the diet, supplementation remain popular. High doses, like many supplements, can be hazardous.

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Molybdenum plays an important role primarily in several enzymatic reactions, and is required for proper growth and development, the metabolism of fats and nucleic acids, metabolism of nitrogen, copper, and sulfur, and several normal cellular functions.

Actions of Molybdenum 

  • Co-factor for several oxidation-reduction reactions.
  • Co-factor for sulfite oxidase (oxidises sulfite to sulfate and degradation of amino acids cysteine and methionine)
  • Co-factor for xanthine oxidase dehydrogenase, an enzyme used to metabolise xenobiotics and catabolism of purines (waste product eliminated in the urine).
  • Co-factor for sulfotransferases (enzymes involved in detoxification pathways which conjugate compounds with sulfates to be excreted)
  • Co-factor for aldehyde oxidase (involved in xenobiotic metabolism, and necessary for the oxidation of fats)

Clinical Applications Of Molybdenum

  • Cancer: may help to protect the body from the carcinogenic effects of dietary nitrosamines (preventing the conversion of nitrates to nitrosamines within the stomach). Mo can help prevent some types of cancer, including breast and esophagael cancer.
  • Metabolic: a cofactor in the creation of enzymes responsible for the metabolism of dietary fats. Molybdenum enhances the function of and concentrates in the liver and adrenals. Mo helps to excrete copper from the body, and has been used in cases of Wilson’d disease.
  • Musculoskeletal: aches and pains: supplementation of 500 mcg/day of molybdenum for 4 weeks was significantly more effective than placebo in relieving aches and pains and improving general health. Molybdenum has been found to improve many of the symptoms of lumbago, osteo & rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Sulfite sensitivity: Molybdenum detoxifies sulfites. Low levels of molybdenum have been observed in some patients with sulfite sensitivity. Some patients with asthma who react to sulphites appear to benefit from molybdenum supplementation.

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