Eric Bakker N.D.May 11, 2022

Iron is a vital component for maintaining healthy blood. Iron deficiency anaemia is a condition that affects roughly 4-5 million Americans each year.

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Iron Builds Our Blood

Iron Picolinate is the preferred form of iron I generally recommend in the clinic, it consists of iron bound to picolinic acid.  Clinical research confirms that iron picolinate may well be the optimal form of iron supplementation. The bioavailability of this form of iron is very high, along with the high tolerance level makes iron picolinate the preferred form of iron supplementation. Iron supplementation should be considered on a case-by-case basis, because of the potential for iron overload in certain individuals.

Clinical Applications Of Iron

  • Iron deficient anaemia
  • Iron deficient (non-anaemic): Clinical effects of iron deficiency without anemia include: impaired cognitive function, psychological problems, insomnia, headaches, decreased endurance, restless leg syndrome, impaired immune function, menorrhagia (Fe deficiency can exacerbate menorrhaghia, because normal uterine muscle tone (which contributes to the cessation of bleeding) requires an abundant supply of Fe.
  • Digestive: Colitis, Fe helps to rectify excessive loss of RBCs in stool. Constipation can occur with deficiency, celiac patients are often deficient. Sore, pale, smooth tongue and mouth ulcers may all occur with deficiency.
  • Detoxification: Fe increases cadmium excretion, deficiency increases the body’s absorption of lead. Used as an adjunct in treatment of alcoholism.
  • Loss of appetite, anorexia nervosa. (check for iron-deficient anemia)
  • “Blue tinge” around the whites of eyes. (can be a sign of iron deficient anemia)
  • Skin/hair/nails: angular stomatitis, pale skin, brittle nails and hair loss can all occur with deficiency.

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