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Eric Bakker N.D.April 30, 2022
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Dr Jensen: ” The body is an organisation. It digests food, processes oxygen, and undertakes numerous other activities. Every organ contributes something to the body and its activities. As human beings, we need every cell, tissue, and organ that was put into our body. The body is the instrument through which we live, and we should treat it with respect. We cannot take our body, so wonderfully put together, and expect it to function properly if we violate all the natural laws that are necessary for it to be well. ”

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Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Home Remedies

Dr. Bernard Jensen was an internationally renowned food scientist, author and doctor of chiropractic medicine. I learned my Iridology skills from Dr. Jensen’s work in the 1980’s. Iridology has undeservedly received much bad publicity from orthodox medicine, and in particular from the scientific fraternity who are quick to dismiss iridology as “quackery”. The may like to look at their own diagnostic and treatment methods before the ridicule alternative methods. Dr. Jensen was a true inspiration to many natural medicine practitioners and had a particular interest in digestive health with respect to the colon. Here are a few home remedy tips from Dr. Jensen’s book entitled “Vital Foods For Total Health” from the 1970’s.

Feeding a Fever

Eat nothing during a chill or fever. Drink water or grapefruit juice until the fever has subsided, all the pain is gone, and food is desired. Then only eat fruits and vegetables for a few days.

Coated Tongue

Your tongue is a mirror reflecting the condition of your intestinal tract. When your tongue is coated it shows that the intestinal tract is in a state of acute elimination and is overloaded with toxic materials. A change of diet is required and a change of living habits should be started.

Bad Breath

After you have eaten garlic or onions you can free your breath of the odors by chewing vigorously a small amount of fresh, uncooked parsley. Be sure to swallow the chewed parsley after thoroughly chewing. Bad breath has formed the basis of thousands of lines of advertising matter. Its technical name is now a household word, but parsley alone is the safe, satisfactory remedy to be used in an emergency.

Nervous People
Nervous people will find that vegetables are more soothing generally to their nerves than fruits. Drink more vegetable juices than fruit juices until the nerves become more steady. Citrus fruits are the fruit juices however that especially can tend to keep the nerves on edge. However, this should be temporary, as no healing is complete without fruits in the diet.


Boils may be effectively brought to a head using onion poultices


Anaemia calls for deep breathing, proper diet, mountain air, pleasant companions, and the release from all emotional strain (?!)


A felon may be helped by sticking the finger in a lemon, tying and keeping it on all night.

Sore Feet

Sore feet may be relieved by using a tomato poultice.

Kidney Disorders

Kidney disorders respond quickly when whey drinks are added to the diet.

Sunday Rest

Sunday should be a day of rest. Why not go on fruit juices or simply fast this one day a week? Give the cook a break, and your stomach a holiday. Both will express appreciation.

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