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Eric Bakker N.D.April 30, 2022

This page explains the benefits and advantages of consuming real salt - Hand Harvested Celtic Sea Salt, sourced from Brittany in France. This ensures a pure, unrefined, fully mineralised, balanced sea salt of the highest potency certified by two of the world's most respected associations, "Nature et Progres" of Europe and the "Biological Farmers of Australia" (BFA).  This certification can only be achieved through rigorous scrutiny of place of origin, importing/freighting methods and the repackaging areas.

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Hand-Harvested Celtic Sea Salt

This page explains the benefits and advantages of consuming real salt – Hand Harvested Celtic Sea Salt, sourced from Brittany in France.
This ensures a pure, unrefined, fully mineralised, balanced sea salt of the highest potency certified by two of the world’s most respected associations, “Nature et Progres” of Europe and the “Biological Farmers of Australia” (BFA).  This certification can only be achieved through rigorous scrutiny of place of origin, importing/freighting methods and the repackaging areas.

Is your Himalayan Salt approved by any respected organic association? Probably not – as there are 17 mining sites in Pakistan where Himalayan Salt is sourced, and some of these mines use methods which leave a lot to be desired. Salt should never be harvested using metal, nor stored in any concrete holding containers. Your guess is as good as mine if your Himalayan Salt is sourced and harvested with the same amount of care which goes into the Celtic Hand Harvested Sea Salt.
The following information represents an examination of worldwide research with excerpts from the Newsletter of Advanced Therapies published by The University of Natural Healing Virginia U.S.A.

There’s Good Salt and there’s Bad Salt

Do you know the difference? According to Dr. Jaques de Langre Ph.D., one of the world’s leading proponents of natural salt. “Eating the good salt, (hand harvested Celtic sea salt) makes it easier for the heart to contract and pump, yet a basic lack of knowledge has for years promoted the myth that all salt is bad for you!”

Just like the old myth that “fat makes you fat”, the forty-year old myth that avoiding salt will help you live longer is just that… an uninformed myth. Consequently, the health food establishment has inadvertently gone along with this widely promoted premise and as a result they solemnly tell you that avoiding salt will help lead you into the land of
everlasting health. Overwhelming scientific research now proves that for most of us, it definitely will not.

What is not understood about salt is that…

  • A low salt diet for treating of High Blood Pressure is based on dogma not evidence.
  • A salt restrictive diet can actually raise your blood pressure.
  • Lack of salt can cause accelerated ageing, cellular degeneration
  • A lack of salt can cause “biochemical starvation”.
  • A lack of salt can cripple your health, and cause liver failure and kidney problems.
  • A lack of salt can cause massive adrenal exhaustion.
  • On a salt free diet, the valves of your heart muscle can tire, lacerate, and could even cause a fatal heart attack.
  • The healing powers of a good salt equal those of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and many other nutrients in the health food stores.

Salt Is Not “Poison”

The prevailing viewpoint of modern medicine is that salt is a general poison, like alcohol and tobacco. People have been taught since childhood that “salt causes high blood pressure”. The truth is that nature put 74 elements in natural salt as a buffer to protect us from sodium chloride, consequently natural sea salt actually lowers the blood pressure, because it removes the excess sodium from the tissues.

Hypertension Expert Agrees – Celtic Sea Salt Is Good For Health

“The idea that salt in the diet has many positive values is totally ignored.” -Dr. A.M. Heagerty, M.D. Department of Medicine, Leicester, United Kingdom. Anthony Heagerty obtained his medical degree in London and his MD in Leicester. He won the International Society of Hypertension Outstanding Young Investigator Award in 1988 and delivered the Royal College of Physicians’ Goulstonian Lecture in 1990.  He is a former President of the European Society of Hypertension and a serving Member of the British Heart Foundation. He is President of the International Society of Hypertension (2008-2010) and in 2009 was elected Vice-President of the British Hypertension Society.

According to a 2016 study: “Even when the effects of salt concentration were ruled out, sea salt intake induced less high blood pressure than refined salt and caused less damage to the heart and the kidney. It is likely that the major beneficial effect of sea salt is associated with the mineral content of the sea salt that is known to be anti-hypertensive such as potassium, calcium and magnesium.”

To present the case for “The Good Salt”, we have gathered information from several of the world’s leading proponents of salt, like Dr Jacues de Langre the renown Californian biochemist. Dr. de Langre has been studying the health benefits of salt (especially Hand-Harvested pure Sea Salt) for over thirty years. Dr Jacues de Langre has a Ph. D., in biochemistry from the University of Brussels. He has compiled books, cassettes, and a video “Crystals From the Sea”. Dr. de Langre recommends a special unrefined French sea salt for all people with high blood pressure and heart problems. His approach defies orthodox medical logic.

The opinions of Dr. de Langre are obviously 100% counter to established beliefs. No one, not even orthodox doctors go as far as Dr. de Langre, in his universal recommendations for the good salt  Hand-Harvested Sea Salt. Dr. de Langre openly agrees that refined salt (pure sodium chloride) is toxic to the body and can cause high blood pressure, yet he believes Hand-Harvested Sea Salt is extremely healthy, and has the opposite effect of refined salt (or manufactured salt).

“The entire health field is very sloppy with its terminology on salt. They think all salt is the same. This is far from the truth. Most refined salts are a poison. But some natural salts are a nutritious and essential food.” In America, Australia and here in New Zealand, doctors condemn salt. They take heart patients off salt, whereas in France, they give heart patients Hand-Harvested Sea Salt.

Real Sea Salt can help people with high blood pressure – Dr. Bruce West , USA

Dr. de Langre’s books attack some common dogmas and myths about salt and high blood pressure, and clearly show us…

  • Why a heart muscle works harder on a low-salt diet.
  • Why a salt-free, vegetarian diet is a set-up for kidney, respiratory and blood sugar problems.
  • How conventional supermarket salt can cause oedema.
  • Why refined salt in any amount is not the answer for High Blood Pressure.
  • Why a richly mineralised salt makes it easier for the heart to contract and pump.
  • Why eating Hand-Harvested Sea Salt can help cleanse the plaque off blood vessel walls.

Unfortunately in many countries around the world now there’s a range of coarse salts, (look-a-likes and copy cats) appearing in health food stores now, which look like hand-harvested sea salt, but are not even biologically certified. These wannabe’s retail for about half price and even then are over-priced for what is inside the pack!

The Basic Roles of Hand-Harvested Sea Salt

  • “Hand-Harvested Celtic Sea Salt lowers the blood pressure because it removes the excess sodium from the tissues.” – Dr. De Langre
  • “Real Celtic Sea Salt is a matrix of all the elements that are the basis of our very make up as humans.” – Dr. Bruce West M.D.
  • “High blood pressure lies not in salt intake but in an overactive hormone system.”   -Dr. John H. environment., Cornell University Medical Centre

Sea Salt is indeed, The Salt of Life

Our bodies contain three internal oceans that closely resemble the ionic balance of ocean water. Each one of these complex solutions surrounds and circulates through our bodies. Ocean salt contains all of the precious minerals our bodies need. These minerals make this type of salt a vital necessity. In the salty environment of amniotic fluid the human embryo grows over three billion times in weight. From the moment of conception onwards, humans are never without the need for salt.

High Blood Pressure and Refined Salt

The research of Dr. John H. Laragh, M.D. and Dr. Mark S. Pecker, M.D. at the Hypertension Centre of the Cornell University Medical Centre, shows that the High Blood Pressure problem lies not in salt intake but in an overactive hormone system. When this system is overactive, renin levels, are excessively high indicating a physiological need for salt. Consequently, salt starvation could occur if the patient is put on a low salt diet. On the other hand, a low active hormone system, which occur only in a third of hypertensive people, actually reveals sodium excess.

Why is it so hard to get really good salt?

One of the best Sea Salts is harvested off the northwest coast of France. Cold, active, north sea currents, three metre tides and other marine and climatic conditions, offer the advantage of a unique mix of minerals. Common salt lacks the many trace minerals provided by natural sea salt, because during the refining process it is stripped of all its trace minerals. These minerals are then sold to the chemical industry or to pharmaceutical companies to make dietary supplements.

In order to make the colour of the refined salt white, many other sea salt products are washed. Again, in this process valuable trace minerals are lost. Geographical orientation of the coastline also plays an important part in the quality of naturally extracted Sea Salt. The ocean water is channeled daily into pristine ponds, edged with natural waterways, wild grasses and other green plants.

French Celtic Sea Salt is hand harvested from clay salt basins on the Isle of Noirmoutier, Brittany, France by the ‘saunier’ or salt harvester using long wooden rakes. This traditional method has been used for hundreds of years and produces the highest quality salt know on earth.

The wind and sun evaporate the ocean water, leaving a rich brine. The live flowing mixture is briskly stimulated by the local salt farmers actions, and within hours the the dazzling crystals form and are gathered in an age old method, by hand as the sun evaporates the ocean water, the salt crystals are then drawn into piles that become several feet high as the season progresses.The method used for gathering salt from natural flats is crucial to the production of the health giving Celtic Sea Salt. The salt fields of North West France are lined with a natural layer of clay and sand. If concrete lined beds are used, as in the artificial production of refined salt, the efflorescence of the cement pollutes and loads the salt with toxins.

Salt And Precious Minerals Working Together

Proper electrolyte balance is achieved by maintaining a relatively high potassium content inside the cell and a high sodium concentration in the fluid outside the cell (extracellular fluid): Though potassium and sodium are the two major electrolytes found in the human body, many other elements are required for normal physiological function. Trace elements, found in sea water and in natural harvested sea salt, work to maintain proper functioning of the body’s systems.
This unique combination of nutrients plays an important role in safeguarding good health. If any one element is left out or diminished, a link in an important chain will be missing and the organism will suffer. These elements work to regulate optimum
body function by ensuring that our internal oceans are never short of trace elements.

Is this really Sea Salt? Look how pure white and refined this packet of “sea salt” looks, the label on the package even states that it is free from any iodine! Don’t be fooled, many supermarket and health-food store salts say “Sea Salt” when in fact it clearly a refined and highly purified product containing basically only Sodium Chloride. This is THE salt your doctor wants you to avoid because it causes an effect on your electrolytes, disturbing your electrolyte balance in the body. An anti-caking agent (aluminosilicate of sodium) plus bleaches are used in refined salt which is incompatible with human fluids. It invariably causes severe problems of water retention.

An excerpt from an interview with Dr. Jacques de Langre

  • Question: You wrote in your book that a healthy and active lifestyle demands an adequate intake of salt, is that true?
  • De Langre: If your tears weren’t salty, if your blood wasn’t salty, if your sweat wasn’t salty…. you wouldn’t be functioning very well. The current medical belief that our body can function on no salt at all, or on a restricted salt intake, causes more problems than it tries to solve. You can’t function without salt. You can’t digest food without salt.Your heart can’t function. Your adrenal glands can’t function. Your liver can’t function. Your kidneys can’t function. Sodium is the predominant cation in the circulating blood plasma and tissue fluids. Derek Denton brought out this point in the medical physiology book, “The Hunger for Salt” in 1982. People forget everyone was born in a salty solution – our mothers amniotic fluid. This is probably the best biological proof we have that cellular structure is enhanced by salt.
  • Question: Based on these thoughts, will a low salt diet cause accelerated ageing?
  • De Langre: Absolutely. Your cells must be bathed in a sodium based, extracellular fluid. When the cells are not in this fluid they will explode, this has been proven biologically …the cells of a mammal deprived of sodium literally explode!

How To Use Celtic Sea Salt

We used to stock Himalayan Salt, until we did some research and found that the world’s best salt is the Hand Harvested Celtic Sea Salt. We like to recommend the best products on our website, these are the very products we use at home and recommend in our clinic.  Now that you have decided to invest in REAL salt, and not that supermarket refined stuff, here is a great page which outlines some of the many uses of real hand harvested Sea Salt

Waterless Cooking

Cut vegetables to desired size and shape, place in a heavy base saucepan. Sprinkle with a little Hand Harvested Sea Salt and add enough water to cover the bottom of the pan. Simmer gently with lid on until water has evaporated
and vegetables are tender. Hand Harvested Sea Salt brings the water out of the vegetables so they cook in their own juices.

Decanting a Water Solution

Prepare a solution of salt by putting 4 level tablespoons of Hand Harvested Sea Salt crystals in one litre of cold water, stir, then allow to settle for 8 hours. Let the rich mineral sediment settle on the bottom. Gently pour off the top liquid until all clear liquid has been gathered. Suitable for salad dressings, pancakes and wok cooking. The rich clay mineral sediment can be stored separately and used as “poultice’ for cuts & bruises.

Therapeutic Bath

Mix Celtic Sea Salt with your favourite essential oils to create a therapeutic bath.

Celtic Sea Salt – General Health Uses

  • Ideal for all animals especially involved in racing & other sports.
  • Mix salt with water and use as a mouthwash or throat gargle.
  • Use dry to preserve salad greens.
  • Add to boiling water to keep cracked eggs intact.
  • Beaten in with Egg Whites to make them fluffier.
  • Soak apples to freshen them.
  • Use in boiling water to increase the intensity of heat and shorten cooking time.
  • Mix with water for rinsing your fish fillets to help hold flavour.

Discussion (1 comment)

  1. Do you know there’s a natural skin care treatment for lines and wrinkles that cleanse the skin of the microorganisms that cause the skin to age.
    Please read the following:

    The Healing Journey
    I find it a pleasure to use seawater to cleanse my body and to keep my skin healthy and to use its natural healing abilities to help fight off any of the many pathogens that are constantly trying to invade the body.

    It is with gratitude and experience that I am able to present the many health benefits of using seawater and appreciating the simplicity of its natural properties.

    Validating the fact that I have been able to reverse the effects of ageing by taking away the microbes that live with us.

    This is a treatment anyone can use and everyone will benefit from.

    I would like you to try it.

    Please contact me for further guidance.

    Thalasso is the Ancient Greek word meaning ocean / sea.


    from the Greek word ‘therapeia,’ meaning healing.


    Is seawater healing

    Seawater treatments

    Seawater facial

    Seawater therapy introduces a new approach to anti ageing when used as a facial treatment. The seawater dries the microbes that are creating the lines and wrinkles and are easily removed by brushing or scraping the surface of the skin. The drying of the seawater causes the skin to tighten giving back the elasticity of the skin

    Exploring the microorganisms that are able to survive on and in the surface layers of the skin and to understand these microorganisms create infections, illnesses and diseases, lines and wrinkles and for the skin to thicken and lose its elasticity..

    Antimicrobial cleansing can be achieved simply by applying the 100% seawater solution onto the skin and allowing the skin to absorb the solution and to allow the skin to dry.

    Doing this will dry the surface layers of skin which can then be brushed or scraped off. You will be able to see what has absorbed the seawater and dried out on the skin’s surface.

    Once the dried surface has been removed apply another wetting of the seawater solution to the skin and allow it to dry, as of above.

    Repeating this process for a period of 45 minutes will result in cleansing the skin’s microbiome and upon the skin drying each time the skin will begin to regain its elasticity having removed the microbes from the skin.

    To complete this treatment, rinse the treated area with water and allow it to dry. The skin will feel soft, smooth and revitalized.

    Because oils are used to enhance the beauty of the skin I suggest choosing a quality one. If you have a skin infection the oils will aid in regaining the health of the skin. Repeating the seawater treatment will eventually clear the skin infection.

    Seawater bath

    The seawater bath is a microbial way to cleanse the skin. Using a blend of table / cooking salt use no less than 1.5kg of salt per bath and both coarse sea salt and Himalayan salt.

    Washing in seawater using your hands to rub over the whole body will allow you to remove microbes that are all over the surface of the skin. If the skin has an infection, rub the itch rather than scratch it.
    The microbes that are causing the infection can move between the layers of skin so it will mean bathing up to three times per day until the infected skin has cleared.
    Once you have finished washing your body, lay back and relax in the warmth of seawater, top up with hot water to extend your time in the seawater.

    The healing power of the seawater bath can be increased by adding more salt to the water. Use 3.kg for Abscesses and other parasitic infections.

    A New Treatment
    Salt Water Therapy
    For the Skin
    The New Superdrug

    For viruses infections (including all coronavirus’s)

    For bacterial infections and diseases (including all STD’s, sexual transmitted diseases).

    For inflammatory infections and diseases (including abscess and spots).

    For age reversal anti ageing.
    The photos below are of me on my 50th birthday with my daughter.
    The following three photos are of me today. I am 56 years old.





    For antibiotic resistant bacteria (including Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA the superbug) and E. coli.

    For injury and wound recovery including Stretch marks.

    The healing power of seawater is mother nature’s way of giving you a cure to many illnesses and diseases using salt minerals and water.

    Thalassotherapy is a new way forward using various amounts of salts and water.

    I love sharing the healing benefits of salt water. Please contact me to widen your healing journey.

    Best of health and Kind Regards
    Michael George

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