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Jock itch (tinea cruris) is a fungal infection that causes a red and itchy rash in warm and moist areas of the body.


What Is Jock Itch?

Do you have an itch around the tops of your inner thighs that is itchy and driving you almost crazy? Many people will know about this kind of itch, an itch that can drive you to despair.

Jock itch (Tinea Cruris) can mean an intense itching, burning, and red fungal rash around the private parts, these are the most usual symptoms. There can also be redness, flaking and peeling on the inner thighs, buttocks, pubic area, penis, and scrotum in males and around the pubic region or vagina in women. Jock itch is not necessarily a male complaint, many females can have an intense itch and redness on the inner thighs and mons pubis which is yeast related as well that is not necessarily related to a vaginal yeast infection.

Jock itch can be isolated in patches, for example affecting the inner thigh, or it may be more extensive and even involve the entire groin area. From clinical experience in dealing with many men, as well as personal experience, I know jock itch to be one of THE most annoying conditions a guy can possibly have, and for several reasons, especially the embarrassment, pain and inconvenience of it all.

Let’s talk about this common complaint in more detail, look at the symptoms, causes and and see what we can offer the guys in the way of natural medicine treatments.

Men’s Yeast Infections Are Common

Men’s yeast infections are just as common as women’s yeast infections. In my clinical practice, about seventy five percent of patients presenting with yeast-infection related problems are women, yet guys develop yeast related problem as well. If fact, I suspect that there are a lot of men out there who have yeast infections yet do little about getting well.

I saw my father try to conquer his yeast problems for many years, and it was only after many years that he went to a doctor who prescribed him an antibiotic after finding nothing wrong with him. And this was in spite of several trips to the gastroenterologist where he was examined by way of an endoscopy and had a barium enema performed in addition to many other diagnostic tests.

The diagnosis was always the same “no abnormal disease” and dad was routinely prescribed antibiotics. This was in 1982, and unfortunately today 40 years later nothing much has changed, candida yeast infected patients are still diagnosed today by the mainstream doctors as having “no abnormal disease” if they present to their medical doctor with several yeast related signs and symptoms. So take heed, if you have done the rounds, consulted many different practitioners then I strongly urge you to consider candida yeast infection treatment.

Jock Itch Causes

Jock itch is an especially common condition when people wear tight-fitting clothing that traps moisture. The groin is a favourite place for yeast to hide out, and the conditions are just right which include heat, moisture (sweat) and poor air circulation.

The tops of the inner thighs and the scrotal region are common places for jock itch, and guys who are particularly prone are those who wear tight clothing with poor ventilation, such as truck drivers, mechanics, factory workers, welders and those who tend to wear coveralls for long periods on time.

I’ve seen jock itch cases in guys who were deep-sea saturation divers, in airforce pilot, crane and heavy machinery operator, oil rigger, and several cases of factory workers, especially guys working in a foundry or heavy machinery environment. I have found patients who have jock itch often have toe-nail fungus as well, otherwise known as athlete’s foot, because of the constant shoe and sock wearing. Often a nylon-blended sock will be worn, making the condition worse.

Jock Itch Symptoms

I have found patients who have jock itch often have toe-nail fungus as well, otherwise known as athlete’s foot. Jock itch is not necessarily a male complaint, many females can have an intense itch and redness on the inner thighs and mons pubis which is yeast related as well.

  • Intense itching and burning around the private parts.
  • redness, flaking and peeling on the inner thighs, buttocks, pubic area, penis, and scrotum in males.
  • Similar symptoms around the inner things, buttocks, and mons pubic region in women.

Recognise The Guy With jock Itch

  • I carefully check the toenails and see if there is any athlete’s foot, I find that men for some reason unknown more commonly complain of athlete’s foot than women do. I will often check the hands and scalp carefully too, particularly if they are manual workers. Guys in general have a tendency to be less interested in hand and foot care and every male patient who I suspect of having a yeast infection will be asked to take his shoes and socks off – and what do I find? Athlete’s foot.
  • Guys who adjust their groin region regularly, just go to a bar and look around, especially where alcohol is served. Many men subconsciously touch their groin area and I’ll bet that they are either oblivious to the fact that they have a yeast infection or are too embarrassed to seek any treatment.
  • Many of the typical male candida patients I see are the blue-collar workers, or working class men. They typically enjoy a beer, rum and coke, bourbon, wine, etc, after work, a social drink at weekend and snack on sweet foods. They may not have the best of diets and when questioned carefully you will find that they bloat, burp and have plenty of gas.
  • White-collar (office) workers also get yeast infections; many are under stress and work long hours at the office. They may drink alcohol as well and may not have the healthiest of diets with take-out meals occurring regularly. Some spend time with clients and conduct business over lunch, dinner or at conventions where alcohol is often served as well.
  • Men with yeast infections are typically the ones who consume lots of beer, bread and sweet foodsGuys who crave alcohol in general are prime candidates for yeast infections.
  • Men who like sweet snacks or foods – like candies, chocolates, licorice, etc. This may also be cookies, cakes or any sweet foods or drinks like soda drinks.
  • Men whose wives suffer from vaginal thrush or yeast related problems, the problem gets passed from one to the other.
  • Men who are typically troubled by recurrent digestive problems like abdominal pains, diarrhoea, constipation, bloating, heartburn and flatulence (gas).
  • Men who have taken recurrent courses of antibiotics for prostatitis, acne, sinusitis or for other similar circumstances.
  • Psoriasis – check to see here if the man has any other typical or not so typical signs and symptoms of candida. If a man comes to my clinic with psoriasis the first thing I check for are digestive problems and treat accordingly. There is research now strongly linking psoriasis with candida. Show me a person with chronic psoriasis who hasn’t got serious dysbiosis (SIBO) and candida, you will hard pressed in finding one, I guarantee it.
  • Prostatitis – I have seen time and again that the male’s prostate problems often disappear entirely once his yeast infection has been thoroughly cleared, and you will find this too especially if you treat the cause of the yeast infection. Guys with prostatitis or urinary issues respond very well to candida treatment, treat aggressively, these cases can be especially hard to solve if compliance is poor, are they beer drinkers?
  • Poor motivation, depression and anxiety or any one of many different disorders may develop in men (like my father) who remain without a firm diagnosis for candida. Low moods make it harder to bust a yeast infection, because various eating problems can be found in guys with self-esteem or mood issues, especially if they have a problem with their sex life and can’t perform when they would like to. Food, drink and sex are some of the biggest likes for the big boys, apart from sports, hunting, fishing and football or course.

Jock Itch Treatment

You need to address the underlying candida yeast infection, because this in not just a local problem, your gut will likely be affected, almost guaranteed. Try local treatment with some Tea Tree Oil products, but look at internal treatment. Your best internal treatment would including eating a healthy diet, click this link.  This nutritional plan I recommend would be a great start!

For the skin, I recommend you try an intimate cream containing Australian tea tree oil, it should work very effectively. Your local health-food store or naturopath may have these products or could recommend a suitable topical product.

100 Percent Cotton Undergarments

In certain cases I’ve discovered that jock itch can be contributed to a combination of the person wearing nylon or synthetic undergarments or stockings, poor diet (sugar, alcohol), and a high stress lifestyle. The warm, dark and moist conditions of the groin is where yeast thrives, and the heat entrapment from synthetic undergarments will only add fuel to the fire.

Make sure your undergarments are 100% cotton or better still, merino wool, which I believe is the best thing to have against your skin. Pure cotton undergarments the best choice for most, because merino is expensive.

Tea Tree Oil Products

One of the best anti-fungal products to use is Tea Tree Oil. I highly recommend using the Tea Tree Oil soap, and in most cases have seen a dramatic improvement in Jock Itch cases in literally days of using Tea Tree Oil products. You may want to read on Tea Tree oil to gain an understanding on how powerful this natural medicine is against candida yeast infections. Other powerful oils to use are neem oil, oregano oil and lavender oil.


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