Eric Bakker N.D.May 8, 2022

Here are a few quick detox hints and tips you are certain to find useful!


Some Important And Handy Detox Hints And Tips:

  • Do not over-eat on a detox! Eat less, not more, eat more slowly and concentrate on smaller portion sizes. Use smaller dinner plates, that way they will look rather full when you place a smaller portion on them, a good trick.
  • Try not to eat late at night or within 2 hours of going to bed.
  • Drink plenty of good quality water each and every day.
  • Do not drink within 30 minutes of main meals, and try to wait 30 minutes after meals before consuming liquids.
  • Always chew your foods slowly and thoroughly before swallowing.
  • Don’t read anything or watch TV when you eat, relax and enjoy your foods.
  • With very high levels of toxins, we generally recommend that you go easy at first, try slowly detoxing over a 2 – 4 month period for best results. It takes about that time to rest & restore your digestive function.
  • Did you get a headache or hung-over feeling within the first three days of the detox? Then reduce the dosages of supplements, take it easy and prolong your detox. You will have significantly fewer aggravations and feel much better in the long run.
  • For optimal results, I recommend sauna therapy; one or two saunas are generally enough per week.
  • Do you want your liver to be in top shape? Then cut out all alcohol for two months entirely whilst you adopt this dietary approach. I will simply not believe you if you tell me you feel no different; you will feel fabulous and probably re-think how much you were drinking previously. I have witnessed this with countless patients over the years, many of which were only drinking one or two glasses per evening. Try it and see for yourself!
  • Dry skin brushing is a most beneficial practice. Do this each day before you have a bath or shower. You will love the results.
  • Water at the rate of 30 – 35mls per kg of your bodyweight is your daily target to drink.
  • Visit a well-stocked health food shop for special foods and do visit the Farmer’s type Markets for great organic produce.
  • For an additional boost (particularly if you have poor immunity and suffer from stress) have a second glass of water after your lemon juice drink in the morning, add 1 heaping teaspoon of high-quality Vitamin C powder.
  • Do you have a bowel that needs a push? Linseed & sunflower & almond (LSA) (best ground and sprinkled on salads, cereals or other foods – 2 Tablespoons a day), ground psyllium hulls (mix with water and drink, then another glass of water, they absorb water and clean the intestine) and Aloe Vera juice (add to water or fresh fruit juice), handy for restoring bowel function, clears junk out of the bowel – stay on this regularly for 3 months for the best effect.

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