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Thanks for joining the Health and Vitality Course, now grab this additional bonus, my Healthy Foods Chart. The Healthy Foods Chart is an excellent resource which shows you the BEST foods to buy if you want optimal health. It is yours for FREE. This is just one of many free resources I’ve made available for patients. And now I can share these with anyone who subscribes!

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Over twenty lessons (or more), you’ll discover many health hints and tips you may have never known about your health ….. And the TOP mistakes some make that can sabotage their health. Eric stumbled over many unorthodox health “secrets” after over 30 years of clinical practice, besides studying many traditional and non-traditional health books and journals. I’m willing to bet that some of these “discoveries” are nothing like you’ve heard before, some may even shock or confront you, it’s been said the truth often does.

Eric is an acknowledged expert in the fields of clinical natural medicine, health, and wellness. In recent times, since his retirement in 2019, he has been sharing increasingly and teaching his knowledge through the internet. His YouTube channel contains videos on different health topics. Eric’s writing reflects his philosophy, coming from a common-sense point of view. Some may say his writing can be straight to the point or even confronting. His focus is to give people the tools and ability that will enable them to change their body at the cellular level, without, in most cases, having to resort to drugs.

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