Eric Bakker N.D.May 11, 2022

Do you want to avoid chronic illness? If you get into the habit of fixing small problems like constipation now, there will be less chance of developing a serious gut illness as you age.


Most people spend more money on health in the last 3 months of their lives trying to re-gain health

If you are aware of the warning signals, (the “little” symptoms that you often ignore or take for granted), that can lead to larger health problems, you can often avoid serious and, sometimes chronic, illnesses.

We all know that prevention is always the best action to take.  Serious, chronic debilitating illnesses are physically and emotionally draining on the individual in addition to their families and loved ones.  But there is also the monetary cost – expensive treatments which add to the overall burden.

I’ll bet I’ve got your attention now! It is a sad fact that most of us don’t pay attention until it costs us financially.  We must all learn to read the warning signs and take heed when our body starts to warn us of impending ill health. Take a look at the signs and symptoms below, and take action NOW!

Don’t put off going to your doctor or health-care professional for a full consultation and proper examination and diagnosis. We have seen patients over the years who ignored the warning signals and are unfortunately – no longer with us.Many of us are not that familiar with the very subtle warning signals we experience on a daily basis. We are bombarded daily by many advertisements designed to mask these symptoms rather than find the cause of them.  We have come to believe that these symptoms are “normal”. We must be aware that if we only temporarily relieve the symptom and do not get to the root cause of it, it will escalate and cause further damage to our body.

There is no such thing as an “isolated” health problem in your body. All illness, diseases, and symptoms of ill-health are related. Your disease did not drop into your lap like a plague of locusts, it took time to develop and for many different reasons.
Western evidence based medicine will encourage you to treat any symptom as an isolated incident, without determining the root cause of the symptom. This will not lead to a cessation and will ultimately mask the real cause of your health problems. On this basis, we, at The Naturopaths, work with you and your body as a “whole” so that your body’s built-in healing mechanism can give you balance and vital health. We believe in informed choice and do not suggest for one minute that you ignore the warning symptoms and not visit your doctor if you are concerned in any way. We believe in integrative medicine, the best of what Western and natural medicine has to offer.

Did you know that pain of any kind means that your body is in crisis?

A headache, neck ache, backache, leg cramps, menstrual cramps; pain of any kind, is an indication of body crisis.  When your body is in crisis, some of the warning signs it will give you may include:
Abdominal pain or cramps
Acne and other skin disorders
Anal itching
Bad breath
Bladder or urination problems
Body aches and pains
Bowel movements that do not float
Breathing disorders
Chronic tiredness
Diarrhea and/or constipation
Dry/oily hair
Dry/oily skin
Ear infections
Fevers, night sweats
Foggy head
Frequent sore throat
Hemorrhoids and/or protruding rectum
Hiatus hernia
Hormonal imbalance
Indigestion or incomplete digestion
Insomnia or irregular sleep patterns
Itchy eyes
Low attention span
Low back pain
Pain, swelling, lumps of any kind
Painful joints
Painful menstruation
Sensitive mouth or gums
Sensitivity to perfumes and chemicals
Shortness of breath
Soft or brittle nails
Swollen abdomen
Varicose veins

Widespread Drug Marketing 

How many TV advertisements have you seen lately for products that are designed to “instantly” eliminate of most of the symptoms listed above? In America and New Zealand, the only two countries legally allowed to market pharmaceutical drugs on television, they are on the television every night, targeted for headaches, pain, digestive problems, erectile dysfunction, arthritis and many more symptoms. Smiling actors marketing drugs aimed to “switch off” symptoms which can often be rectified by a change in diet and lifestyle.

When the symptoms return, do you reach again for the same drug?

Did you ever wonder why the symptoms return again and again to haunt you? Perhaps you did not think there was a cause – but there is and it most probably was never addressed. The reason for the continual return of the same symptoms is that the root “cause” has not been addressed. Patients go from doctor to doctor, drug store to natural health stores looking for a “cure”. The problems keep on going, the causes are not adequately addressed and over time chronic illness develops.

Nature Has a Way of Telling You the Level of Your Health

Do you ever look at what comes out of your body? The quantity and quality of your bowel movements is nature’s way of telling you the level of health that you are experiencing. Just as you need to monitor what goes in your mouth, stool investigation will give you valuable information regarding your the digestive tract. Your digestive tract is the “assembly line” for the food you eat. Your bowel movements can give you a clear picture as to whether the most important process of health is functioning properly.

Get over it!

Learning what to look for in your bowel movements can prevent future illness and suffering. We have been taught to feel embarrassed about talking, or even thinking, about our bowel movements. Get over it! Do not let this restrain you from obtaining and maintaining your vibrant health. The large intestine is the sewerage system of the body. Mismanagement of the large intestine will only cause the digestive tract to become a toxic. Do you rely on a laxative? You’d be surprised how many dollars are spent every year to “keep people regular”.

How does the rest of the body become toxic?

The answer: The body becomes toxic when the large intestine is mismanaged.  When the large intestine is compromised; the body re-absorbs its own toxic waste. Read this article about constipation, you will get some valuable hints and tips here.

Stool investigation: What Is A Proper Bowel Motion?

An indication of a good bowel is the stool floats and does not mark the toilet bowl. One or more bowel movements every day is essential to good health. Did you know that New Zealand leads the world in bowel cancer in females?

It is important that, if you have any of these warning signs in your bowel movements, you must take action. These are a physical indication that things are not well in your digestive tract. An un-well digestive system is always the start to bigger health problems. You first get functional problems (something is not right and you know it) which basically means that the function is disturbed. Off you go to the doctor and then a visit to the gastroenterologist. Many times these visits are fruitless, and nothing is found. It is always good to get investigated if you are worried, but if all the test results come back as “ok”, what then?
These undiagnosed problems can lead to chronic disease; including cancer, diabetes, arthritis, and many more. You can almost be certain that someone with any chronic disease started out with one or more of these warning signals and they were not heeded and attended to:
  • blood of any colour in your stool – bright red, dark red, blackish red, or totally black
  • stool that is yellow, orange, olive blue, slate grey, very dark brown, or black
  • offensive smelling stool
  • hard stool that sinks to the bottom of the toilet bowl and/or marks the bowl
  • flat thin-like stool
  • stool with many small bead-like bubbles
  • slimy stool that appears to have mucous in it
  • bowel movements that require plenty of effort on your part to excrete
  • less than one complete bowel movement every day.
These symptoms are the warning signs of larger health problems if they are not addressed properly. Stools should normally be soft, a medium brown colour, and should float, or partially float and partially sink – like an iceberg.  Bowel movements should occur a minimum of once per day. If this is not the case, this situations needs to be attended to before it escalates into chronic illness.
As embarrassing as it might be for both you and your children, it is important to check with your children on a regular basis, as to the quality of their bowel movements.
Remember when they were babies and you did this almost daily? Remember when you took them to the doctor and one of the first questions he asked you were about their bowel movements? Somewhere along the way, we forget the importance of this vital key to good health.

Start today on a get-well program tailored to your needs

If you have been in a health program for more than six weeks and you are not experiencing “real” results, or if you have been experiencing recurring symptoms that never seem to go away, it is my opinion that the root cause of your symptoms has not yet been addressed. You could visit a naturopath or integrative medicine practitioner for advice. It could make all the difference what it comes to recovery. Why live with symptoms and anxiety about the future when you can do something about it – today.


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