Yeast Infections Cause Bloating And Gas

bloating and gas

Yeast Infections And Bad Bowel Bacteria

I suffered from candida myself when I was in my early twenties old. I lived alone for a few years and had a stressful job initially working shifts in a flour mill then later driving a truck. My lifestyle was not balanced but my diet was quite good. But I think personally for me the shift into candida occurred after I had more than a dozen amalgam (mercury) fillings replaced for shiny new ones within a six month period. Several months after the dental work my health had hit rock bottom. I then realized with help from a naturopathic doctor that the sudden increase of methyl mercury released from the new fillings had a powerful effect on weakening my digestive system, encouraging the proliferation of candida and many other dysbiotic (bad) bacteria in my small and large intestine. The candida eventually cleared after 18 months of treatment, including having my teeth redone with composite dental fillings.

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Fermentation Dysbiosis

My father always complained about his digestive system and used to suffer terribly with flatulence and bloating. After dinner he would eat a whole packet of cookies, or eat a large amount of ice cream or consume a large chocolate bar. He absolutely loved fresh bread and particularly sweet spreads like jam, marmalade and even condensed milk in a can which he would eat on bread, and when he had a cup of coffee he would add two or three sugars to each of the seven odd cups he consumed each day. When we were growing up he would buy us an ice cream, and get two for himself. Can you see what dad was doing? He was simply consuming far too much sugar; in fact he was craving sweet things.

What dad was not aware of was the amount of sugar and yeast in his digestive system were literally creating a situation whereby he was feeding the ever expanding colony of yeast internally, they needed feeding and dad would oblige with sweet foods. This is called fermentation dysbiosis, bloating, wind, gas and irregular bowel motions all due to the sugar and yeasts inside the digestive tract. Fermentation dysbiosis is most always carbohydrate driven (read: sugar).

When dad had digestive symptoms, he would be off to the doctor who would refer him to the gastroenterologist. He must have had every test know to man – endoscopy, colonoscopy, ultrasound, x-rays, you name it and he had the procedure done. But, the results always came back NAD – “no abnormal diagnosis”, and of course he would always tell us the same “those doctors are idiots, can they not figure out what is wrong with me”? I knew even in those days when I was young that he was addicted to sugar, he used to pass that much offensive gas that much it was embarrassing. Do you have flatulence? There is nothing wrong with farting, we all do it, but do you feel that you may have too much gas or wind? I’ll bet it is because of fermentation going on inside your digestive system. Having flatus is normal in bed, as you lie down the gas can easily escape through the anus, but if you stand up and pass wind when you are upright, you have a considerable amount of fermentation going on and I would suspect either a candida problem or dysbiosis in general.

Putrefactive Dysbiosis

If you eat too much protein, you may have putrefactive dysbiosis, this happens when proteins are not sufficiently broken down. Some bad bacteria like Bacteriodes spp. will overgrow. This flatulence can really be on the nose indeed, and is more common in those who eat too much egg, meats, gluten, peas and milk products. A person here may experience headaches, nausea and have various other digestive complaints. Yeasts and fungi are very primitive life forms, they do not make energy the way we do. Our bodies live by aerobic metabolism. We take in oxygen and give off carbon dioxide. Yeasts and fungi rely on fermentation by taking in sugars and then producing alcohol as a waste.

Fermentation dysbiosis however, is more common with yeast overgrowth and is a process not unlike wine or beer making. Yeast and sugars are in a process of fermentation and gas (fart) production. Large volumes of gas are produced but are not too offensive. Bloating, flatulence, fatigue and depression/anxiety are more common here and the people who get fermentation dysbiosis are the ones who eat too much carbohydrates like biscuits, snack bars, sweets, chocolates, breads, sweet spreads, fruit/fizzy drinks, etc.

In those who eat a high carbohydrate diet which provides the yeast and other bacteria and fungi in the body with an abundance of glucose, not only does candida survive, the fungi overpopulate and can potentially become an invasive and even dangerous organism. When the immune system has been compromised, or when the normal lining of the gut becomes damaged, the yeast, instead of remaining within the intestinal tract where they belong, can metamorphose into its fungal form sending out rhizomes (roots) to penetrate the walls of the gut, opening it to the absorption of yeast cells, particles of cells, and the toxins these micro organisms produce enter the interior of the body and pass into the bloodstream.