Yeast Infections And Antibiotics

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Candida Is Often Caused By Antibiotics

Incredible as it may seem, some patients I see with yeast infections have been treated dozens of times with an antibiotic. In fact, many cases of yeast infections have their origin after an antibiotic was prescribed by a medical doctor. Personally, I would never prescribe an antibiotic for a patient, and if I ever did it would be for a case of pneumonia of bacterial origin. In every single medical clinic I have worked in over the years, antibiotics are routinely prescribed – even by doctors who have studied natural medicine and who claim to be “natural doctors”. It is almost that they fall back instinctively on their germ theory training and believe that the only way to get a patient right is to “kill those nasty germs” with an antibiotic.

How many times did you go to your doctor for a chest cold, a case of sinus, a skin infection or whatever it may have been, and you were prescribed an antibiotic? You obeyed the doctor and took the prescribed course of antibiotics for ten days, but what you may not have been aware of at the time is that those drugs wiped out significant amounts of beneficial bacteria as well as the bad.

You didn’t kill all the good guys, you just wiped out lots of them, and you weakened your immune system too. You continued on and discovered that your cough or chest cold went away pretty quick, great you thought to yourself: “that doctor was right, those drugs did work”. Little did you know that you only weakened your immune and digestive systems further, making you increasingly susceptible for a further infection in time. Meanwhile, your life continued on – a cup of coffee or glass of wine here or there, the same amount of stress, a few cookies or snacks from the fridge. More beneficial bacteria die and more yeast starts to thrive, the scales are slowly tipped in favour of the bad. Then you get sick again – more antibiotics.

The bottom line is that you slide down a slope towards a yeast infection, it does not happen overnight, it happens gradually over a period of time and your immune system gradually gets worn down by the unresolved causative factors along with a constant introduction of molds into your body. That is when you begin to experience some of the symptoms of a yeast infection. In time you will discover that those antibiotics don’t really seem to work anymore, and then your doctor either prescribes more rounds of this drug, or recommends a stronger drug. By the time you come to my clinic you may have taken countless antibiotic prescriptions and have come to realise that these drugs haven’t given you the result you have been looking for – a permanent resolution of your yeast infection.  It’s time to try something different now, because the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

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