Recovery From Candida

sometimes its OK

Are You Trying To Recover From A Candida Yeast Infection?

I’ve written about this extensively in my book Candida Crusher, this article will cover a person’s recovery from a yeast infection.  I like to tell patients that there is there is no smooth sailing with candida yeast infection recovery anymore than there is trying to win the America’s Cup.

A strong gust of wind can come out of nowhere, an unpredictable storm may break your mast and your crew (your partner or other family member or perhaps a friend) may even bail out on you at times, finding that you just too difficult to handle as captain of the ship! A candida treatment program can cause you to become quite emotional and difficult to be with at times, believe me, I have verified this with literally thousands patients so please be a “patient” patient, and understand that you need to prepare yourself for some potential rough seas ahead.

Once you have weathered the yeast storm in all her fury you will become quite skilful to handle anything that ‘beast called yeast’ can throw at you and in time will learn to develop that patience you require to hang in there and successfully complete your course of treatment. Plot your course carefully when you start your yeast treatment (Eric’s 5 step Permanent Yeast Solution Program, as outlined here in this book), make sure you are well equipped for your voyage (the right advice, the correct dietary protocol and supplements) and never give in, regardless of the weather ahead. You don’t need to tie yourself to the mast and go down with this ship!

Dennis Conner, America’s Cup winner once said: “My aim in sailing is not to be brilliant or flashy, but just to be consistent over the long run”. Just be consistent with your treatment over the long run, you don’t need to be flashy or brilliant with lots of expensive dietary supplements. If you want to get rid of your yeast infection, you just need to be consistent and persistent, because your persistence will break the yeast resistance. I have been known to ask my patients: “Are you looking for a good natural health doctor?  Well, that’s interesting, because I am looking for a good patient”. This was a well known saying which hung on the wall of the well known American chiropractor, iridologist and natural medicine expert: Dr. Bernard Jensen.

When you become a skilled navigator of the oceans, when you have finally learned to make the right diet and lifestyle choices, then you will find that you will be able to identify the upcoming bad weather patterns (parties, weddings, barbeques, etc) and to skilfully avoid damage to your yacht. It all comes with experiences you learn to build up over time.  In time, you’ll be able to cross the biggest ocean right on schedule with your boat in perfect shape.

All in time.