Women Benefit From Naturopathic Medicine

woman at the doctor

Are You A Woman And Not Happy With Conventional Medicine?

Many women benefit from naturopathic medicine. Like men, women may neglect their own health and well-being in favor of taking care of the people like their children & family around them. Take the time you need to treat yourself properly and to rebuild yourself. It’s like what they tell you on the airplane – put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. It does those around you no good if you get run down and have nothing more to give! The best medicine is preventative medicine, and naturopathic medicine is preventative and holistic by nature.
Women account for three quarters of the patients we see as naturopaths. And therefore we treat all manner of women’s concerns like premenstrual syndrome, menopause, and various complaints like polycystic ovarian syndrome, breast lumps, infertility, endometriosis, as well as more complex issues such as lupus and scleroderma.

Naturopathic Medicine Can Benefit Women – 12 Reasons

I believe this it is important to treat the woman and not, her disease. You want your treatment to be the best for YOU as a person, and just for someone to treat a disease.
Drug free.You prefer to use a drug free method of treatment as opposed to an invasive medical procedures and offered potentially toxic pharmaceutical drug prescriptions.
You want to know your options fully. You want to make informed decisions about your health and not just “take orders” from your doctor. I often find that many women consult me to learn the many options open to them, many are pleasantly surprised to learn that the medical way is not the “highway” to health after all.

  1. You want to identify and treat the cause and source of your health problems, not just treat the symptoms or mask the condition.
  2. Often just treating the symptom leads to other more complex conditions, especially if several pharmaceutical drugs are used.
  3. Conventional medical practices may be failing you or falling short, or you just need a health-care professional that can help you understand how to make informed decisions with your medical doctor.
  4. Someone who actually listens and doesn’t spend just 5 minutes with you, you want a health practitioner that gets to know you and takes the time to understand your health condition and needs.
  5. The availability of multiple or combined treatment options rather than standard medical advice.
  6. You want support in improving your lifestyle, stress levels and diet.
  7. You may actually want to prevent disease and/or maintain optimal health and not just treat an illness.
  8. Side effect concerns. You may be justly concerned about long term side-effects of prescription or chemist’s drugs, or unpleasant side effects.
  9. Your doctor may treat only one symptom to the exclusion of another.
  10. You may have a complicated health condition that has been treated by separate doctors for each ailment and you wish to have an integrated analysis/approach.
  11. Health food shops may confuse you with their vast supplement rang, and you may be tired of going nowhere with pharmaceutical drugs. See your naturopath.
  12. You want help navigating through the health supplementation industry and clarifying claims of marketed health products.