What Is The Cause Of Your Psoriasis?

psoriasis skinIf there is but one thing I have discovered over the years working with many patients is that there is always a cause of their health problems, and generally there are two distinct types of causes, the primary cause (what actually started or helped to start their health problem) and the maintaining causes (what keeps it going on, and on, and on). With psoriasis, the primary cause can be genetic and out of your control in some cases, but in other cases there was a trigger such as a yeast infection. The maintaining cause of psoriasis is often an underlying yeast infection, and I have seen this in countless cases.

The Primary Cause

Do you know what your primary (exciting) cause or causes were in the past; could you remember what possibly triggered it? Was it that course of antibiotics you had after you had a cough, cold or an infection? Perhaps like many people, you have had several courses of antibiotics and have never been well since. If you are likely to tell me this in my room, I will write “NBWS” behind such an event and mark it out as a primary cause. Was it after you came out of hospital, or when you came back from that holiday? Think of an event (any) that took place just before it started. Think of a drug or treatment that coincided with the onset of your psoriasis. It is pretty foolish to believe that your psoriasis came out of nowhere and just “happened”, there IS always a cause for your psoriasis, and with a bit of detective work you should be able to figure out how long ago this whole mess started.

Primary causes have a tendency to be more dramatic and there is almost always a strong relationship between cause and effect, and most patients can remember the one or several primary causes. As people get older and they have had their psoriasis for many years, the memory may not be that good anymore and it may be harder to track the primary cause.

The Maintaining Cause                                                                       

These are generally a lot easier to discover, they will be happening right now and a bit of detective work will soon uncover these, there will often be several maintaining causes of your psoriasis or one big one, like eating chocolate several times a week or drinking alcohol daily. What are you doing to keep your psoriasis going? Is it something specific in your diet or is it something to do with your lifestyle or is it both? Are you a person who worries excessively, has anxiety, do you stay up late every night and don’t get sufficient sleep? Do you eat commercial chicken every week that may contain antibiotics? You may be suffering from stress or adrenal fatigue. Maintaining causes can be dietary or lifestyle or generally a combination of both.

You will learn a lot more about the primary and maintaining causes in my other writings on psoriasis. This is a very important consideration if you want to permanently resolve your psoriasis, the underlying causes need to be addressed, and the sooner you do the quicker you will be on your road to recovery.