How Well Do You Look After Your Health?

take care of your body

Are You Looking After Your Greatest Asset?

OK, so you are a grown up and can take care of yourself—but how well do you take care of your health? Looking after your health isn’t something you should do after your health crashes or perhaps relegate to the weekends when we you have more time, health is something which needs to be considered long term on a daily basis. It is the little things which you do on a regular basis which all add up to either build health, or slowly erode it.

Simple Ways To Improve Your Health:

Watch your posture. Look at how you are sitting right now, slumped over in a chair?
Be mindful of how you sit and stand – it will almost certainly have long-term effects on how you
breathe, as well as determining your musculo-skeletal health.

How’s that bowel going? Some people say to me – what kind of job have you got, talking about
bowel motions all day. Well – somebody has got to do bring it to your attention! Check your motions
regularly, do you go each and every day? is it an easy motion? do you skip a day?
Get it sorted – much ill health has its origins in poor bowel function. Get onto it, come in and talk about it
– it can be sorted and should be, sooner rather than later.

Drink at least 4-5 glasses of water daily. Yes – I know – you have heard it all before, but are you
really doing it? A friendly reminder that coffee, tea, alcohol and fizzy drinks actually dehydrate your
body. My golden rule is to get you to drink at least 30mls of pure water, for every kilogram of body-weight
you are. More so in summer, less in winter. You can do the math yourself!
Keep you body clean and fresh every day – Take a long shower or soak in the bath everyday. It’s a
fantastic way to relax and unwind, and will help you keep stress levels under control.

You need to get plenty of rest – whilst it is not always possible, try and get to bed most of the time at
more or less the same time. I think 10.00 – 10.30pm is sensible, and up at 6.30 – 7.00am.
And doesn’t it feel good when you get between the clean sheets with a fresh and clean body! You will
almost certainly sleep like a baby if you bath or shower before bed.

Dental hygiene is essential – OK, you may be getting a bit older, don’t neglect your teeth! They are essential,
along with your gums, to keep you in great shape. Always remember to gently brush and carefully
floss your teeth at least once a day. Buy a soft toothbrush, and replace it often. Look at you tongue
– does it look or taste like the bottom of a parrot cage? – time for your detox. Your breath and tongue
should be clean – one sign of a well functioning digestive system.

Cook healthy dishes regularly and try to always use fresh ingredients – so what did you have for
lunch or dinner today, and how can you improve on this? Was it a sensible or a rushed choice? Make
the most of all the wonderful fresh foods we are fortunate to have here in New Zealand.

Do something every day you enjoy – If you feel happy, your body is less stressed, and the less stress
your body is under the less susceptible you are to acute or chronic illness.

Give your face a thorough clean with warm water and moisturise it every day – Is it just a
“woman’s thing” ? I doubt it, it is a fantastic way of beating tension and is great for your skin – you will
look and feel years younger. Remember to moisturise your skin regularly, it pays big dividends as the
years roll by. I recommend a good natural moisturiser, like Aloe Vera or Jojoba oil, and never use after
chemical based ”skin care” products– I prefer to use a few drops of pure and natural essential oils instead.

Article Last Update: 12 December 2011

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