The Psoriasis Program

ultimatepsoriasisprogramThe Psoriasis Program was created by naturopath Eric Bakker, who  designed the ultimate psoriasis program after 26 years of clinical practice. The Psoriasis program is a series of 12 self-help books aimed at allowing those with mild, moderate or severe psoriasis or psoriatic arthritis to effectively treat themselves at home – without having to resort to pharmaceutical drugs. www.thepsoriasisprogram.com

Before you read more about the causes of psoriasis, the and symptoms of psoriasis, you may be interested in more detail about the 5-stage Psoriasis Program. The 5-stage Psoriasis Program has been designed to be a series of 12 detailed self-help books (ranging from 30 to more than 200 pages each) that all build on each other.

Each of the thirteen books that make up The Psoriasis Program is in a PDF e-book format, and you can place them all on a small portable flash drive and take them to your local print shop who will be able to print them out for you and bind them either individually or as one big book (over 500 pages). Of course, you may only want to print out some or all of the books, that’s entirely up to you. Ask to have them spiral bound, and have the print shop supply a clear plastic cover and a cardboard back, this will make the booklets more durable.

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The Best Psoriasis Self-Help Guide Currently Available

The Psoriasis Program will help guide you through your recovery from psoriasis and you will find that a complete recovery program is outlined in the various books in the Psoriasis Program series. By reading and implementing all of the information contained in this most comprehensive series, you could well achieve the same great outcomes that psoriasis patients achieve when they visit Eric in his clinic or those who have a consultation on Skype. Once you get a good understanding of the Psoriasis Program concept, feel free to modify your program including the diet, and any of the lifestyle recommendations as well as the supplementation dosages to suit your own individual needs.

ordernow1Clinically Proven Program Over More Than 20 Years

The Psoriasis Program has been successfully trialed and tested over more than 20 years, involving countless psoriasis patients. Eric is confident that you will experience great results because of the positive feedback he has received not only from his own patients , but from naturopaths and other health care professionals he has shared many of these clinical of these secrets with as well over the many years. These are not “secrets” really; but like achieving most things in life that are really worthwhile, it is a matter of applying clearly defined principles and sticking with a proven plan, continually refining it, and never giving in until you get the desired results. And what if you don’t get a good outcome? Then you will need to tweak the Psoriasis Program until you do, or discover the hidden obstacles preventing you from healing yourself and that’s exactly what Eric has tried to achieve with patients over the years. He has learned from the many mistakes he made in the early years and doesn’t think you should have to repeat these same mistakes. Your success is virtually assured as long as you stay on track. Pay particular attention to the information contained in the Psoriasis Program, there are an incredible amount of tips and hints which can help you fast track your results.

The Psoriasis Program is a result of having spent many thousands of hours in the naturopathic clinic with countless psoriasis patients suffering not only with many different forms of psoriasis, but psoriatic arthritis as well. The Psoriasis Program is also the result of having studied countless books, websites and blog sites about psoriasis, as well as learning from other doctors and dermatologists  who specialize in this field. It has been the combination and culmination of all these years of hard work and experience that has led Eric Bakker N.D. to the point that he was able to formulate a series of targeted booklets for the patient’s benefit that contain enough of the most useful information that will enable them to solve their own particular case of psoriasis, whether it be guttate, scalp, pustular, or any other kind of psoriasis.