The 8 Home Tests To Detect A Yeast Infection

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The Best Home Tests To Detect A Yeast Infection

I often get asked by patients how they can test for a yeast infection at home – without spending a penny. Many people who see me tell me they are sick and tired of spending lots of money and getting nowhere.

Test And Measure

By using common sense with these home tests, you will be able with reasonable certainty to determine if you have in fact a yeast infection, and which direction you are heading with your yeast infection. First establish a baseline with your tests, i.e; before you start any treatment, do these home tests I recommend in this comprehensive article and write the date you test and the results all down. In my book Candida Crusher, you will find my Candida Symptom Tracker, a handy chart that you can fill out to keep track of your symptoms of a period of four months to see what is improving and what isn’t. Then, start my Candida Crusher Program (chapter 7 of the Candida Crusher book) and begin to measure your results weekly. By repeated testing over a period of several months, and with fine tuning of the Candida Crusher Program, you will notice that your signs and symptoms will be steadily decreasing. This ‘test and measure’ process is a very successful way to permanently eradicate your yeast infection, because you will be able to work out if your treatment is working or not and make the right adjustments accordingly. This has been how I’ve been able to help many thousands of patients overcome their yeast infection for many years.

By testing for candida in the privacy of your own home, you will not only become aware of your yeast problem, more importantly – you will often start to learn about cause and effect. The most important thing you can do is to establish why you have developed a candida yeast infection in the first place, and more importantly – how you can avoid future problems by addressing the actual ongoing  or what we term ‘exciting’ causes. Testing will allow you to know the severity of your problem and bring a new sense of awareness to your health problems.

Candida overgrowth can be difficult to diagnose in laboratory tests as it lives naturally in the intestines. The Urinary Indican Test is one lab test I do in my clinic, particularly if I suspect candida or dysbiosis in general in the patient. While you can do the Urinary Indican Test at home, you will probably have this performed by your naturopath or doctor in their clinic during a consultation.

There are other tests you can do at home to determine you status, and the more that are positive the higher the chances you have a candida overgrowth. Most of these tests can also be performed at weekly intervals to determine how successful the treatment is and if you are staying on track with your diet, lifestyle and supplementation.

OK, are you still with me? Let’s get into these Home Tests. Some you will end up doing, others like the ‘smell test’ you may find quite humorous or just plain ridiculous! But I can tell you this right now, these actually actually tests work, and have come about through my clinical experiences with over 20,000 patients who I have seen with yeast infections (as of June 2014)

itchyTest 1 – The Itch Test

Become much more acutely aware of your body, do you have an itchy scalp, itchy groin, itchy eyes, and itchy patches anywhere in or on your body?

Do your ears need a good scratch on the inside? Do your feet or toes itch? Write down when you need to itch, you may even like to include ANY part of your body and when in your diary, or smart phone nowadays!

You will be amazed at how often you touch your body without even being aware, particularly if you have a candida problem. You become so used to itching your body that you actually become totally unaware of its presence. Does your anus itch? Do your feet or hands itch? Look for recurrent itching anywhere and record these hot spots for three days. When you are out it is interesting to observe people, and when you become aware you will be surprised to see how many people have a good scratch or itch.

If you go to a bar or out to a social gathering involving food and alcohol, you will see male beer drinkers who seem to adjust themselves or touch their private area. Many guys are so used to these adjustments that they are totally unaware, and it is surprising how many women need to itch their genital region as well, they are much more discreet however! It is any wonder, because beer and wine in particular are one of the classic candida inducers. When you go out to the shopping mall, especially where foods are served, watch those around you and see how people itch their bodies.

The lady in the corner with the cup of coffee and a sweet baked treat is scratching her head and itching her ear. The child with a pocket full of sweets complains to his mother of a sore bottom which is probably a rectal itch. You may want to observe your partner for a few days without mentioning anything, especially if he or she has flatulence (gas) or burps a lot, drinks alcohol and consumes the foods which allow candida to thrive in their bodies.

Itchy hot spots include the vaginal or scrotal region, anus or rectal area, armpits, scalp, ears, feet and toes, especially between the toes, under the breasts and folds of skin around the abdomen. In fact, anywhere where the skin is warm and covered in particular.

Frequency Of Itch Testing

The itch test is performed weekly, and the measurement recorded on your Candida Home Test Tracker which you will find in the Candida Crusher book.

cravingTest 2 – The Craving Test

Become more aware of what you eat, but particularly what you LIKE to eat, how often and when. Those with yeast and especially a fungal overgrowth may well crave sweet foods without even knowing it. Do you want something sweet routinely after your evening meal? Do you want something sweet between meals? We could be looking at breads (especially white and refined) biscuits (any – they all contain sugar). It never ceases to amaze me how many people I speak to love sweet stuff and yet say to me “But I don’t eat any sugar!” or I’ll hear: “I don’t have sugar in my coffee or tea” but then an hour later they have a muffin, a cookie, a muesli bar or a fruit drink which all contain sugar. When a person tells me that they “like the taste” of a food or a drink, they generally mean the sweetness.

These folk may even have a glass of wine each night yet they don’t have “any added sugar” in their diet. At the turn of the last century, around 1900, the average person consumed less than one kilo of sugar in one year. And today the average person eats twice their bodyweight in sugar. Is it any wonder we have bugs in our digestive systems when we are busily feeding these bugs up several times daily?

Try this trick, eat NO sweet foods for three days and see how you feel. I am not talking about fruits and vegetables, but do avoid oranges and especially dried fruit. Just keep away from these sugars or any foods or drinks containing them for three days: all breads, pancakes, sugar and other quick-acting carbohydrates including sucrose, high-fructose corn syrup, fructose, maltose, lactose, glycogen, glucose, mannitol, sorbitol, and galactose. Also avoid honey, molasses, maple syrup, maple sugar, and date sugar. Look at labels and packaging and STOP these foods for 72 hours. Did you crash, develop a headache; feel tired or funny in any way? Then you were too dependent on sugar and may have an addiction here. A sugar fix most days to me spells a candida population that need feeding inside you.

The craving test may make a real candida sufferer feel terrible, they may literally feel like climbing the wall to get to their sugar fix on the other side, and the stronger the craving and withdrawal, the bigger the problem and the more need for self-restraint with the offending food or drink will be required.

Try it, you may be quite surprised and know exactly what I mean. Three days is all you need – but you have to be very strict and just focus on fresh vegetables, lean meats, whole grains like quinoa and brown rice, nuts and seeds and water.

In Chinese medicine they say that a person either likes sweet or likes bitter foods, if you love sweet foods you are less inclined to like bitter and the other way around. Try eating more bitter foods such as endive, chicory, silver beet, radicchio, Cos lettuce (outer leaves), mustard greens, dandelion leaf, dandelion root coffee, grapefruit and olive oil. Swedish bitters or bitter herbal medicines like gymnema, gentian or any of the liver or gall bladders herbal medicines are also good to take for a few weeks.

The more bitter foods you become to like the less sweet foods you will begin crave, that is my experience with patients in the clinic. And do you know what? Bitter foods stimulate digestion, improve bowel flora and allow your liver and gallbladder to function optimally. You will excrete more waste and toxins, burn more fat and kill more bad bugs in your digestive system as well.

Today we need to take digestive enzymes, because we prefer eating sweet foods to the bitter ones and these sweet foods stimulate the proliferation of bad bacterium and yeast. Once you get to like increasing amounts of the bitter foods in your diet, your digestion will finally turn the corner and you will be amazed at how your sweet cravings diminish, bloating and gas disappear, weight will just seem to magically drop from your butt, hips and thighs, energy will improve and your health will go to a whole new level. But why you ask? Because you took sweet foods out of your diet and started to eat bitter foods that stimulate rather than inhibit digestion. You began filling your gas tank (your stomach) with high performance bitter foods rather than kerosene, the sweet stuff. Can you now see why probiotics and enzymes are so widely prescribed and sold the past ten years in particular?

Frequency Of Craving Testing

The craving test is performed weekly, and the measurement recorded on your Candida Home Test Tracker which you will find in the Candida Crusher book.

spittestTest 3 – The Spit Test

Here is a saliva test you can easily do at home, some say it is not effective but I have found it to be accurate for many patients presenting with a yeast infection. Whilst I have found a small percentage of people with candida issues who test negative with test, most with chronic infestations of yeast in their system will come up positive with this saliva test so give it a go.

First thing in the morning, before you put anything in your mouth, get a clear glass fill with water and work up a bit of saliva, then spit it into the glass of water. Check the water every 15 minutes or so for up to one hour.

If you have a problem with yeast, you will see strings (like legs) travelling down into the water from the saliva floating on the top, these look a little like the subtle strands you see hanging from the ceiling of a cave which glow worms produce. With a major candida problem you may also see suspended cloudy specks of saliva that will (eventually) sink to the bottom of the glass, becoming a small blob of cloudy saliva.

If there are no strings and the saliva is still floating after at least one hour, you may well have no yeast problem. But do make sure you eat NOTHING before you do the spit test or you will not get the results you are looking for. Repeat this test a few times and on different days in case you get a “false negative” on the test. I have also found with candida infections with many people that as soon as they eat something very sweet like a small amount of refined sugar, they rapidly will have a build-up of some saliva in the mouth, the tongue can feel also irritated by refined carbohydrates as well. An almost instant mucus production occurs in some yeast infection patients who have the slightest amount of sugar in their diet, and this will often disappear as their intestinal yeast overgrowth is halted and reversed, I have verified this with many patients over the years.

As the person’s SIgA levels improve, the spit test will slowly begin to normalize, I have verified this with countless stool tests.

Forget all those folks who say this test is “fake” and worthless, when you get a positive here and are positive to the several other tests I’ve outlined here, your chances of having a yeast infection are a lot higher. Just watch, as the months roll on by and you notice improvements, so will your saliva and along with it your SIgA levels will come up and your food allergies will go down.

Frequency Of Spit Testing

The spit test is performed weekly, and the measurement recorded on your Candida Home Test Tracker which you will find in the Candida Crusher book.



smellTest 4 – The Smell Test

Medical research at the Imperial College in London has proved that some people with body odor have imbalances affecting the ‘friendly bacteria’ that live inside all of our digestive systems. Having a bad or offensive body odor can be a key to having a candida problem, and so can be overheating and easy sweating of the body. Smelly feet, smelly armpits and body odor in general is linked with candida.

There is a high degree of fermentation going on in the person’s digestive system and this will produce odors and heat as a by-product. Many yeast infection sufferers I know complain of excessive perspiration and flushes of heat at night. Some women even mistake these flushes for menopausal hot flashes. I’ve noticed that quite a few have told me about a body odor and bad breath, sometimes even a fecal breath! The armpits can release lots of toxins through the sweat glands, and eventually the entire body. Don’t worry, this will generally change for the better when you start cleaning your body and eradicating the yeast, but don’t be concerned during the initial stages of cleansing because your body could initially release many toxins, which may cause more body odor and also bad breath, rest assured, this is only temporary.

ps: for me, body odor is caused from the release of toxins through the pores. Have you ever noticed that if you do a lot of exercise and are not stessed, you smell less? Have you ever opened a jar of jam or marmalade that has been fermenting in the back of your cupboard for some time, it was pretty putrid wasn’t it? Have you smelled those moldy cheeses or foods that have a little mold on them? A yeast problem affecting the external body has a characteristic smell and is easy to recognize, think about athlete’s foot, which is not unlike a moldy cheese. However, when a yeast infection affects the skin and is combined with a person’s unique biochemistry including their residue of body oil and sweat, it can smell more like body odor, and it then may be hard to distinguish between body odor resulting from poor personal hygiene and a yeast-related problem.

What I look for are any underlying digestive problems, which will generally clinch the diagnosis, especially when combined with a stool test. If you have lots of gas, burping, bloating and digestive discomfort then you are probably fermenting bugs in your gut and producing gas as a by product, and in this case the Candida Crusher Program is well indicated. Do you smell and sweat easily? It could be a yeast infection.

Frequency Of Smell Testing

The smell test is performed weekly, and the measurement recorded on your Candida Home Test Tracker which you will find in the Candida Crusher book.

tongueTest 5 – The Tongue Test

Look at this tongue; do you see the white covering across its surface? Now go and check you tongue in the mirror, is it always coated a faint white or yellowish color? Is it coated more in the middle or towards the back? Is your breath offensive? This could be a key sign of bacterial or yeast overgrowth in the digestive system. Your breath should not smell putrid in the morning let alone taste or smell like the bottom of your birdcage, yet some candida patients I’ve seen complain of bad breath ranging from mild right through to literally having a fecal breath.

But don’t immediately jump to conclusions, you may just have gum disease or gingivitis, but if your teeth and gums are perfectly fine and don’t bleed then you may well have a bacterial issue somewhere in your digestive system. Get your teeth checked out by a dental hygienist or dentist, these people are professional and can immediately tell you if you are suffering from a problem affecting the health of your teeth and gums or not.

The more towards the back of your tongue the discoloration is the more likely it will be bacteria or candida in your large intestine, and if the discoloration is at the very back of the tongue, your dysbiosis is likely to be in the sigmoid colon, the part of the large intestine closest to the rectum.Healthy people with great digestive systems and proper bowel flora generally have a clean pinkish tongue, like the image of the tongue you can see to your left. Look at you dog’s tongue, dogs don’t often drink soda or beer or eat donuts or chocolate, their breath is sweet smelling and they have minimal bloating and if they do have gas it’s because you fed them the wrong stuff!

Can you say the same about your health, and do you pay much attention to the color of your tongue and your digestive health? A tongue that is white in the middle will have dysbiosis affecting the small intestine, and the closer to the tip of the tongue the discoloration occurs, the closer to the stomach the dysbiosis is occurring.

Some people may also notice with toxins clearing from their body that they may begin to have an increasingly white-coated tongue or white spots or rashes on the skin; this is a good sign, and will soon pass.

As you go through the different stages of the Candida Crusher Program, you will notice that your tongue may at first become somewhat more discolored and furry, but over time it should clear up significantly and after you have re-populated your digestive system with lots of beneficial bacteria, you will find that your tongue will once again be a nice clean pinkish color. Your tongue can be your guide to a clean and healthy digestive system, and judging by the color of many tongues I’ve seen, I think that this has become somewhat of a rarity nowadays.

So don’t forget, your scores of the tongue test may in fact worsen before they get better. It may happen, and with some it may not, so don’t worry if it does occur because it is a good thing.

Frequency Of Tongue Testing

The tongue test is performed weekly, and the measurement recorded on your Candida Home Test Tracker which you will find in the Candida Crusher book.

soundtestTest 6 – The Sound Test

Does you digestive system make funny sounds regularly? Many candida sufferers have digestive problems to the degree that they or somebody close to them can actually hear their digestive processes, this may be particularly so at night in bed or when it is quiet.

The production of excess gas in the digestive system with bloating and a loosening of the waistband is one of the cardinal symptoms of candidiasis. Anybody who knows about brewing wine or beer will tell you that gas is a by-product of the fermentation process, much in the same way the digestive tract will also produce plenty of gas as a by-product of fermentation or dysbiosis.

A healthy digestive system is virtually silent, you feel nothing and you hear nothing. People who experience rumbling, bloating, flatus and a waistband or belt which needs loosening after a meal or the supper at night may be experiencing an underactive stomach and a poor digestive capacity, often due to low digestive enzyme production. Many people with a yeast infection will have some degree of digestive discomfort along with impaired enzyme production, and experience one or several of the symptoms I have just mentioned. While it is natural to have digestive sounds, excessive noises along with digestive bloating and gas to me spell an intestinal yeast infection, especially if this occurs after meals and in particular after sweet foods or drinks.

People who can tick positive to the sound test need to carefully assess the other tests, and it is a combination of the totality that will govern not only the presence but indeed the severity of your candida overgrowth. As your gut improves during the Candida Crusher Program, farting and excessive gas will diminish and you will hardly even notice this to be a problem as the bad bacterial and yeast levels reduce and are kept in control by the beneficial lactobacillus species. This is why you will need to take both an enzyme formula and a probiotic when you have lots of gas and bloating. The probiotic formula will increase the beneficial bacteria, and is a must.

I always recommend a top quality digestive enzyme formulation when you have a yeast infection; this supplement can help significantly with most forms of digestive discomfort as a result of a yeast infection, especially gas, bloating, and various digestive noises. Digestive enzymes are also a wise choice because they help reduce digestive discomfort caused by food allergies commonly associated with candida. I have developed my own formulation and only use the best enzymes in the business; you can read more about the Candida Crusher Digestive Enzyme formula in section 4 of chapter 7.

Frequency Of Sound Testing

The sound test is performed weekly, and the measurement recorded on your Candida Home Test Tracker which you will find in the Candida Crusher book.

Test 7 – Low Carbohydrate – Biotin Test

This test can be performed in conjunction with other tests I have recommended for achieving optimal results if you want to know if you have a yeast infection or not. Avoid carbohydrates and take 2.5 mg of biotin for 3 days and see if any of your yeast infection symptoms improve. If symptoms improve, especially if they improve significantly, then you are probably suffering from a candida overgrowth in your intestines. Take the biotin for this test in divided doses and with foods.

Frequency Of Biotin Testing

The low carb/biotin test is performed monthly, and the measurement recorded on your Candida Home Test Tracker which you will find in the Candida Crusher book.

candia5Test 8 – CanDia-5 Home Blood Test

CanDia5® Is the world’s first and only professional (blood-based) home test for candidiasis. This accurate test utilises just a small drop of whole blood taken from a finger stick to provide accurate diagnosis within 5 minutes. I like this test because it is accurate (90% specific for IgG), easy to do and you will have an answer within a few minutes.

This test is easy to use and will quickly yet accurately test for the detection of candidiasis. CanDia5 is the only known test which can accurately detect the presence of not only candida albicans, but for antibodies of the four common candida species C.albicans, C.glabrata, C.tropicalis and C.parapsilosis.

With this simple test, you will be able to tell within 5 minutes if you have a candida yeast infection or not, it’s that simple. You will be able to diagnose yeast infections accurately to help determine the most appropriate treatment, and after treatment you will be able to confirm effectiveness or continued need for treatment. I recommend that you re-test after 2 months. Comprehensive, easy to follow instructions are provided with this kit.

This test does not test for the yeast candida itself, but rather the antibodies created by your immune system after they have detected this little fungus and have prepared to mount a defence (antibody production) to counter it. Used by doctors, hospitals and natural health practitioners internationally, CanDia5 is the only candida diagnosis test of its kind. CanDia5 is now available to you as an affordable, non-invasive way to accurately diagnose candida infections without the need for a doctor’s appointment or a full blood test. You will find a supplier online.

Frequency Of Candia 5 Testing

This finger prick blood test is performed every eight weeks (two months), and the measurement recorded on your Candida Home Test Tracker.

You should be able to access this test through your health care professional, or simply do an online search for a supplier of this unique home test. It is inexpensive and very accurate – and you have your answer in minutes.  You can also order Candia5 test kit from Candia5.com

OK, so you have read this page and are thinking, “I’ can relate to these!” If any of the home tests are positive then CLICK HERE to read How and Why You Need to Get Rid Of That Candida Yeast Infection. You will find that page most interesting and very comprehensive. But, you could also consider getting a copy of the most comprehensive book yet written about all aspects of a candida yeast infection. It took me three years to write Candida Crusher, and you can now buy it for one third of the price it costs to consult with me for one hour. Now that is a bargain!

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Candida Crusher

My book Candida Crusher is finally available, you can order it right now. Did you know that there is also a Candida Home Test Tracker© in my book? So, on this page you are only reading a part of the entire home testing protocol I outline in great detail in Candida Crusher. And guess what, nearly all these tests are free 🙂

Candida Crusher has been purchased already by many patients and doctors in over 50 countries around the world. The feedback I’ve received has been phenomenal, than you all so much!


Here is one of the many hundreds of emails I have received from grateful patients:
From: Martha Curuthers [mailto: xxxxxxx)
Sent: June-18-13 3:01 PM
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Subject: Wow Wow Wow!

Dear Eric;
Wow! Wow! Wow ! I am only on page 183 of Candida Crusher. I read it while I am on my tread mill. I did not jump right to the diet portion because I wanted to get a good handle on what was going on in my body, the signs and symptoms, the testing and so much more!
I can’t believe that I would ever find a book like this one, you have packed it out with so much information, where did you find the time to write so much about candida?

My husband has toenail fungus and jock itch and my son has candida too, we are going to follow your program and I will report back to you.

I am so grateful you spent three years writing this book. I can see that your book is going to help many people change their lives for the better, it contains an incredible amount of information about how to live a healthy life besides being the most amazing book about candida I have ever seen.

Please hug your wife and tell her I thank her for giving the support to write it!
God bless you,
Martha Curuthers

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