Sleeping Problems

Insomnia can damage your health
Up to 30% of the population have a problem sleeping. Do you rely on sleeping pills? In most cases, drugs are not necessary to help you sleep. You have many other options. You may find some of the material on this page helpful if you either can’t get to sleep or frequently wake up during the night.


Isn’t it funny how we always want to “take” things to improve our sleep, when what we really need to be looking at is improving the simple things first like going to bed when we are actually physically or mentally tired, avoiding stimulants like caffeine and depressants like alcohol if we have regular sleeping issues, and also trying to exercise regularly. Poor sleeping patterns affect so many people in this country, is your poor sleep affecting you? By following the self help tips mentioned in this article, you will be surprised how much the quality of your life can improve.

Overactive Adrenal Glands Can Lead To Insomnia

Scientists have found increased blood levels of stress hormones in people with chronic insomnia, suggesting that these individuals suffer from sustained, round-the-clock activation of the body’s system for responding to stress. For this reason, the researchers suggest, doctors who treat insomnia should go beyond improving the quality or quantity of their patients’ sleep and seek to reduce this hyperarousal, which is a risk factor for both psychiatric and medical illness.