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What Makes a Dietary Supplement a Great Dietary Supplement?

Many patients I see in my online clinic take some form of dietary supplement, in fact most do. My aim is simple: To supply to you with the highest quality natural medicine information to enhance your health and well-being along with the highest quality natural medicine products.  I only recommend a limited range of products on this website for a very good reason, please read further below why.

DSS LogoAll the dietary supplements I recommend on this website are hypo-allergenic, which means they contain NO wheat, gluten, egg, corn, soy, lactose/dairy, artificial colors, preservatives and are 100 percent non-genetically modified, irradiated or chemically modified. I would never offer any supplement I wouldn’t take myself, and I prefer to take the best.

What else should you look for in a quality dietary supplement? Does it contain enough of the nutrients to optimize health? Is the company manufacturing to the very highest standards, selecting only the highest grade of raw material? This is where experience counts, and after many years in the dietary supplement business, I believe that I am suitably qualified to discern the very best products for my clients.

I have partnered with Doctor’s Supplement Store in America, because they not only stock all the brands I use in my clinic on a daily basis, their service is excellent. If you decide to open an account with them, you will have access to the entire product range that I recommend to my patients, and you will be able to buy in confidence knowing you are only getting the best.

  • If you live in America, I have set up a special ericbakker.com supplement store to make life easier for you. You will have access to all the products I use in my clinic. First you will need to register though.
  • Anyone in England or Europe can use this service too; you would just have to pay extra for international shipping.
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  • To order, simply go to the Doctors Supplement Store website, call toll free or email customer services: [email protected]

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To Stay Safe When Using Dietary Supplements, Eric’s Advice Is:

  • Understand that supplements won’t ‘cure’ you, with guidance of understanding what you should take (and how not to waste money taking what you shouldn’t) they can play a significant role in both the prevention and recovery from acute or chronic health conditions.
  • Avoid websites which make ‘too good to be true’ statements or claims about supplements, especially with weight loss, libido, chronic illness or cancer. There is a lot of downright stupid and even dangerous advice online regarding supplements and health.
  • Avoid websites which purely just sell natural products without giving you good credible and referenced information.
  • We recommend NOT to buy on price, but to buy on quality, especially for your health. You need less products, you spend less money and you get superior results that way. After all, isn’t your health your greatest asset?
  • Choose natural medicines which don’t interact with your conventional treatments – get professional advice if you take prescribed medicines. Play it safe.
  • Make sure your doctor and naturopath are informed about what you take, just because it is “natural”, it doesn’t mean it is necessarily “safe”.

cheap supplementsAre You Looking For Budget Supplements?

There are many common misconceptions regarding natural medicines, and one of the biggest misconception is that “if it is a natural product then it must be safe”, leaving the consumer believe that it is ok to take up to a dozen different natural products or more at the same time and often because they are well priced.
Our Doctors Supplements Store is for discerning customers who are looking for unique, high quality natural medicine information and complementary products to optimize their health and well-being. We believe in taking fewer products, and then only of the highest quality. If you purely want to purchase on price, you will almost certainly find dozens of dietary supplement supermarket websites which stock up to a thousands of product lines or more ranging from the very cheapest right up to the most expensive products. How do you know what you are purchasing is quality when they tell you that they are all are quality products? How do you know you are not consuming therapeutically weak, useless or even potentially harmful substances ? There is still little regulation in our industry, but it is finally tightening up.

When you purchase clothing, furniture, kitchen ware, tools, for example- do you look for “the cheapest” or discounted products? Your local retail or online supplement supermarket will generally oblige as they often have bargain bins complete with bargain advice. It makes sense to make sure that you are not wasting your money, or worse still, compromising your health with your decisions. There will always be a market for budget no doubt – toilet paper maybe, but products to optimise your own health care?

cheap_junk_supplementsAre you a person reading this page now who shops around for the cheapest product through an online store? These online stores are a dime a dozen and their only aim is to sell as many junk supplements to an unsuspecting buyer as possible . These companies sell purely on price and never on quality, their raw materials used in the manufacture of these supplements are often of highly dubious quality and you will find that they are not made under GMP and preferably to ISO 9000 standards, the very highest for any manufacturing industry. Is your dietary supplement made to such rigorous standards, and if it is not, why would you swallow a product on a daily basis not really knowing what is actually in it?

Many dietary supplements widely sold online still contain questionable, untested and even dangerous ingredients. Don’t be fooled for a moment to believe that that cheap supplement you just took is of the ‘highest quality’ just because the label said so. You may have just swallowed something containing petrochemicals, heavy metals or a tablet or capsule even containing traces of pharmaceutical drugs. For example, the FDA has found weight-loss products tainted with the prescription drug ingredient sibutramine. Beware of products claiming miracle weight loss

Eric Only Recommends Supplements Made Under GMP and Preferably ISO 9000 Standards

lab testsAs a naturopathic physician with 27 years of experience in my industry I only recommend products that I would personally take and recommend to my patients. In New Zealand and Australia my company Nutrisearch supplies practitioners with my unique nutritional formulations under the label Naturopaths Own. I have over twenty years experience in dietary supplement and herbal medicine manufacturing and understand the pitfalls and complexities when it comes to making the very best products in my business. I source my raw materials from the very best suppliers in the business such as DSM, Nebraska Cultures and Albion Minerals.

I’ve endeavored to provide you not only with a wealth of unique and original natural medicine information, but also a convenient 24/7 dietary supplement shopping experience backed by excellent customer service through a company called Doctors Supplement Store. The brands I have chosen are all GMP and most are ISO 9000 rated, so you can rest assured that you are buying the best. Whether you have a health condition or you’re someone whose is passionate about improving their life, rest assured that what you buy through this site will be the highest quality dietary supplement money can buy, supplements that will NEVER contain toxins like drugs, petrochemicals, PCBs, heavy metals, pesticides, etc.

Begin your journey on our website, and do open a member’s account with our Doctors Supplement Store to have access to our full range of practitioner-only formulations. Our practitioner-only range formulations are of a much higher grade than the retail formulations, and we rest assured that we will never stock the cheaper retail lines due to the poor quality of their raw materials and possible inclusion of unwanted chemicals, fillers, allergen, sugars and colors.

Quality Is Remembered Long After The Price Is Forgotten. 

Those “We Buy In Bulk, You Pay Less” advertisement claims may be fine for those who sell hardware or furniture, buy not for dietary supplements on which your health depends. When you pay less you often get less, less quality, less satisfaction and less results. Personally we have always found that the quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. What is YOUR health worth? Cheap brands often contain unnatural ingredients, including allergens, colors and artificial sugars and flavors, besides the cheapest vitamins and minerals that can be obtained.

Eric Only Recommends The Absolute Best Supplements

Look at your multivitamin dietary supplement right now. Does it contain a cheap and poorly absorbed mineral form such as zinc or magnesium oxide, iron sulphate or calcium carbonate? These are inorganic salt forms of minerals and are poorly absorbed.  If your dietary supplement contains these, it is very likely not a very helpful product and won’t do what you want because chances are your body’s cells won’t have a very good access to them!

Sometimes a supplement won’t even tell you what form of mineral or vitamin it contains, it may just say ‘magnesium’ or vitamin B6′. Avoid these supplements.  A lot of people are fooled into a false sense of security thinking that by taking supplements like these they are looking after their nutritional needs. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Eric Bakker has been in the natural medicine business for twenty six years, and the products he uses in his clinic and recommends are from the most reputable brands, companies which have been in natural medicine business up to 50 years or even more.  The companies we have chosen to recommend on ericbakker.com  manufacture their own products, their products are not manufactured in countries with suspect manufacturing practices nor made from the cheapest raw materials available. Their products are manufactured to the highest possible pharmaceutical grade, according to GMP (good manufacturing processes) and formulated to provide you with safe, effective pharmaceutical drug-free health care in mind. These companies most always work under an ISO 9001 rating, meaning that all their standard operating manufacturing procedures are strictly monitored and routinely reviewed.

The very best products give you the very best results, they represent outstanding value for money because you need less product to achieve the desired result. They give you results in a safe and highly effective manner, and unlike pharmaceutical drugs, premium nutritional supplements confer very little risk to your health. Our recommended products tick all these boxes and represent the “epitome of natural medicine”, that’s why highly recommend them to our patients because our very reputation depends on them.

Can’t We Get It All From Diet?

veges and fruitsYou may like to read our page Nutritional Medicine Myths Busted. While it is entirely possible to get all the nutrition you need from your diet, it is a difficult task. The first step is to look after your diet and make sure you get superior Nutrition. Dietary supplements are commonly taken by many people today, even those who eat a ‘perfect’ diet will want to take a top quality multivitamin just to be sue that they are not lacking in anyone of dozens of different minerals, vitamins or trace elements. Do dietary supplements only create expensive urine?

One of the biggest problems most people who live in the Western world face today is that of digestive problems, and many of these digestive issues are caused by stress. We tend to lead hurried and worried lives in this technological age. Those baby boomers like me will remember times when we used to sit around the table and eat, but today Many Eat In Front of TV. Unfortunately, the mineral content of foods today is poor in comparison to how our grand parents ate. We now take the view that it is better to ensure optimal nutrition rather than rely on luck or fruit and vegetables grown commercially, particularly since we have seen so many chronic health problems related primarily to lack of essential nutrients as well as digestive difficulties.

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