Selenium is an essential trace element, used in particular in the glutathione peroxidase enzyme system which protects intracellular structures against oxidative damage.

 Actions of Selenium include:

  • Cofactor for glutathione peroxidase
  • Converts thyroxine to triiodothyronine
  • Involved in arachidonic acid metabolism
  • Involved in inflammatory response
  • Binds heavy metals such as cadmium and mercury

Clinical applications Of Selenium:

  • Cancer prevention: by activating phagocytes and NK lymphocytes, selenium reduces the risk of developing many forms of cancer. As a means of counter-acting cancer, the body incorporates additional selenium into cancer cells.
  • Cardiovascular disease: Keshan Disease occurs as a direct result of selenium deficiency, prevents heart attack(selenium (100 mcg per day) is highly recommended as a means of preventing further heart attack in persons who have already experienced a heart attack.Reduces hypertension, alleviates cardiomyopathy, prevents abnormal blood-clotting.
  • Eyes and Vision: Age-related macular degeneration, short-sightedness, glaucoma, dry eyes, the general health of eyes are improved.
  • Metabolism: hypothyroidism, selenium helps convertT4 to T3. Lowers elevated blood-sugar levels in DM. Selenium also improves hepatic function.
  • Musculoskeletal: muscular dystrophy, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Nervous system: deficiencies of selenium have been linked to aggressiveness, anxiety, confusion and depression. Selenium improves mood, and reduces incidences of seizures in epileptics.
  • Male/Female: fibrocystic breast disease, prevents miscarriage, male infertility, reduces risk of cadmium produced enlarged prostate, deficiency can result in defective sperm
  • Skin/Hair: improves skin health generally: eczema, psoriasis, acne. Improves hair and scalp conditions such as dandruff. Helps prevent sunburn.
  • Viral illnesses: for prevention or treatment of, hepatitis B, HIV infection or its sequelae, hemorrhagic-fever viruses, and Coxsackie B virus.

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