Fresh and Healthy Salads

A salad is any of a wide variety of dishes including vegetable salads; salads of pasta, legumes, eggs, or grains; mixed salads incorporating meat, poultry, or seafood; and fruit salads. A salad may include a mixture of cold and hot and may include raw vegetables or fruits.

Green salads include leaf lettuce and leafy vegetables with a sauce or dressing. Other salads are based on pasta, noodles, or gelatin. Most salads are traditionally served cold, although some, such as south German potato salad, are served warm.

Green salads including leaf lettuces are generally served with a dressing, as well as various garnishes such as nuts or croutons, and sometimes with the addition of meat, fish, pasta, cheese, eggs, or whole grains.

Salads may be served at any point during a meal. They may be:

  •  Appetizer salads, light salads to stimulate the appetite as the first course of the meal.
  •  Side salads, to accompany the main course as a side dish.
  •  Main course salads, usually containing a portion of protein, such as chicken breast or slices of beef.
  •  Palate-cleansing salads, to settle the stomach after the main course.
  •  Dessert salads, sweet versions usually containing gelatin or whipped cream.

Salads can be unique, they don’t have to be just “boring” lettuce and tomatoes with some vinegar on top! The following salads are inspired by those who love the great outdoors and eat an abundance of fresh foods including fruits, vegetables, kumara (sweet potato), seafood and various meats such as lamb. All of these recipes are tried and true favourites, and we are certain that many will become your favourites, especially if you make them regularly.

Eggplant (Aubergine) and Couscous Salad
Roasted Beetroot Salad
Roasted Beetroot and Rocket Salad
Roasted Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Salad
Mixed Bean Salad
Black Bean, Coriander and Orange Salad
Eric’s Salad Dressings
Chickpea with Millet and Vegetables
Chickpea Salad
Green Bean Salad
Red Cabbage & Feta Salad
Tomato & Vinegar Salad
Wild Rice with Cucumber and Orange Salad