Soup and Stew Recipes

You can’t get much better than a warm bowl of soup on a winter’s day, soup brings warm memories of cold winter nights all snuggled up. But it’s is not just a cold weather friend, cold soup packed in a thermos makes it to the family picnic or BBQ, cooling us down during even the hottest summer days. Can’t ask more of a comfort food than that can we? Any time I want a quick and hearty meal, or if I am not feeling well I want one of my favorite soup recipes in the pot. I think I begin feeling a bit better just thinking about it bubbling along and anticipating it’s warm soothing feeling as I taste the first bowl which invariably leads to that second bowl, often with a piece of warm crusty bread. And who doesn’t love soup? Soup is such a versatile food that makes a wonderful addition to any meal, or is great alone at lunch or as a light dinner. Here are a few of my favorite recipes for soup. A few are the best of old standards, while others bring new taste twists. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin soup is a very satisfying soup. It can be a great meal in the cooler months, especially when served with fresh crusty bread and butter!

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Pea and Ham Soup

Eric’s much loved Dutch mother, Vera, passed away in 2009. Vera was a prolific cook and enjoyed making many traditional Dutch recipes for her large family, and meals like pea and ham soup, a family favourite on cold winter days....

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Leek, Lime and Coconut Soup

This soup is just lovely, the combination of flavours is incredible. The Thai flavours of lime and coconut totally transform this classic leek and potato soup. And it can be made and ready in less than hour too. You'll make...

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Soba Noodle Soup

The great thing about Soba Noodle Soup is that you can keep all the necessary ingredients on hand at all times (garlic, ginger, mushrooms, soba noodles, etc) then add whatever vegetables you have, if you have any. This recipe is...

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Cream Of Avocado Soup

Avocados just happen to be one of the healthiest fruits in the world. You may be interested in my comprehensive article all about the avocado. Did you know you can bake them, fry them, eat the fresh and even make...

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Lamb Shank And Barley Winter Broth

One of the nicest meats to cook slowly is lamb, it tastes great when cooked very slowly with vegetables like celery, carrot leek. It is always best to brown the meat first. Cut the vegetables all to the same size,...

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