Dessert Recipes

There is nothing wrong with desert, providing you take care in selecting the correct healthy ingredients like natural sugars like stevia and spices like real vanilla and coconut milk. These deserts taste great and can be served to anyone without apology and with high expectations of success. There may not be a lot of recipes in this category until we develop up other areas of the website.

Sugar-Free Strawberry Yogurt Jelly

Absolute bliss! A really tasty and sweet desert, and if you haven’t tried home made strawberry yogurt, you are really missing out. This recipe was kindly given to us by a patient who used to suffer with gas and bloating,...

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Gluten Free Lemon Yogurt Bread

Who said that gluten free bread had to taste awful and have the texture of a brick? This bread recipe was given to me by a strictly gluten-free patient who wishes to remain anonymous. This recipe is excellent and the...

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Gluten Free Fruit Cake

This cake tastes wonderful and is 100 percent gluten free. It will keep just like any other fruit cake, and the flavour develops further after 2 days.  Before decorating or icing, turn the cake upside down.  if you are using...

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Gluten Free Rice Custard

My kids just love this recipe, we have made it many times at home on a Sunday evening, and it always goes down a treat. There is something really satisfying bout a small bowl of custard after a main meal,...

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