Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast traditions vary greatly around the world, but they often include a carbohydrate like cereal or rice, a fruit or vegetable, and a protein such as eggs or sausage. In New Zealand, as in many Western countries, breakfast typically features dairy products like milk or yogurt. Known as the most important meal of the day, breakfast has been shown in numerous studies to be crucial for concentration, metabolism, and weight management. Skipping this essential meal can lead to difficulties in these areas, making a nutritious breakfast an important start to the day.

Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Breakfast is the first meal of the day, typically consumed in the morning. The word is a compound of “break” and “fast”, referring to the conclusion of fasting since the previous day’s last meal. Breakfast meals vary widely in different cultures around...

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Tiger’s Milk Protein Drink

Tigers Milk is an excellent tonic. It supplies protein, essential fatty acids as well as calcium, iron and B vitamins. When I was very active in my 20’s and 30’s I found it good to have a full glass in...

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Buckwheat Pancakes With Blueberries And Maple Syrup

Have you ever tried to make buckwheat pancakes? They are so satisfying and good for you too. Some may consider pancakes too much effort to make and go for those packet mixes you buy in the supermarket. Not only are...

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Bircher Muesli

Do you have sudden food cravings? I am sure you do, we all like a nice tasty snack from time to time. Try this one, great for breakfast, or as a snack. Bircher muesli is named after its creator, Dr....

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The Cooked Breakfast

A cooked breakfast will set you up for the day, it is a great foundation. It's up to you what you eat for breakfast, but many will agree that eggs, spinach and a cup of tea makes for a great...

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Eric's Muesli

The advantage of coming to our website is that you will find my own personal favourite recipes, and this would have to be one of them. Of course you can buy the “boxed” cereals, but making your own gives you...

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