Healthy baking is easy, you just need to select the right ingredients, that’s all. It gives many people satisfaction to make a batch of healthy muffins for example with all sorts of healthy add-ins such as nuts, seeds, fruits and grains. I hope you enjoy making and eating these tasty recipes as much as we do.

Sesame Biscuits

Sesame biscuits are delicious and very easy to make. Sure, you can buy the commercial sesame biscuits, but you will find that they have often been made with cheap commercial ingredients like margarine, lots of salt and sugar. When you...

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Pumpkin Scones

Try these scones, be sure to use fresh pumpkin. A great family recipe. These pumpkin scones are best served warm with a little unsalted butter smeared across the top.

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Sugar Free Christmas Cake

Who doesn't like Christmas cake! Here is a sugar-free Christmas cake recipe that actually tastes nice. If you want the ultimate cake (but unfortunately not sugar-free) then add a thin layer of icing at the end. Sublime.

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Feijoa and Walnut Cake

If you know me, you'll know I live in New Zealand. NZ is synonymous with kiwi (kiwifruit) and feijoas.  The best time to enjoy these delicious fruit is autumn (fall). Even if you don’t have these trees in your garden,...

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Feijoa Pie

Feijoa is a fruit that pairs nicely with a wide variety of different dishes; when combined with ginger, it creates a really divine combination. They also go well with pork, but their true calling is in desserts like cakes, crumbles,...

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