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Free Patient Clinic Handouts and Herbal & Dietary Supplement Recommendations

On this page you will find various categories of many different conditions as well as natural treatment solutions offered. You will find articles, free patient handouts I use in my clinic as well as specific protocols, diet sheets and herbal and/or dietary supplement recommendations. For the best results try to stick with my recommendations, and take advantage of the 5 percent discount offered right now through my Doctor Supplement Store.

You may find that not all the categories are linked to products as yet, this is being built up over time.  Just click on any link of interest and it will take you to the relevant page. All of these products can be ordered safely, conveniently and quickly through my Doctors Supplements Store, and the link to the store is here.


Amino Acids
Antioxidant Support
Blood Sugar Support
Bone Support
Brain Support
Children’s Supplements
Co-Enzyme Q10
Digestive Support
Digestive Enzymes
Energy Support
Essential Fatty Acids
Eye Health Support
Healthy Aging & Inflammation Support
Heart Health Support
Immune Support
Joints and Mobility Support
Liver Support
Men’s Health & Libido Support
Microalgae and Greenfoods
Psoriasis Support
Skin Support
Sleep Support
Sports and Fitness Supplements
Springtime Seasonal Support
Stress and Mood Support
Systemic Enzymes
Vitamins and Multivitamins
Weight Management Support
Winter Season Support
Women’s Health Products