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IMG_0106I encourage you to contact me personally and please do let me know if any of our treatments or products  have improved your health or quality of life in any way, and love hearing feedback from patients, whether it be positive or not so, as it forms the very reason we are in health-care professionals – to help people achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness.

It is genuinely heart warming to hear some of your stories, so please don’t hesitate to call so we can hear yours, and if you want – to even include your story on our website. These are but a few of the many testimonials our clinic has received over the years. Some patients wish to remain anonymous, understandably, whilst others have their names and even contact details revealed. All testimonials are kept on file, some are emails, whilst others are letters.

Have you visited our clinic and had a favorable result? Then please let us know, and if you wish, and we can post your testimonial as well. By doing so, you an give others the hope and courage they may need to tackle their health problems with natural medicine.

“Thank you so much for writing your psoriasis article, I am so glad I cam across it”

Hi Eric,

WOW, what a great article you have written on psoriasis.  I was exploring getting tested for gluten sensitivity, when I came across your article.  I would welcome any recommendations from you. I am a 69 year old retired judge, but I am still working pretty much full time.  The only prescription drug I take is Armour Thyroid for hypothyroidism.

Thank you so much for writing the article and I am so glad I came across it.  I have been skeptical of conventional medicine for some time now, and I am always looking for the more holistic approach to health care.

Judge Romeo M. Flores
Texas, USA

“I hate to think where we would be now if you had not helped us”

I just thought you may like to know that my son John, who came to you very sick last year, ran 4km at his school fun-run last evening! I could not believe it!  Comparing him to the sick pale lethargic wee boy who came to see you with cripling stomach pains, is now a healthy rosy cheeked boy who can run 4km’s with only getting slightly puffed!
I want to thank you for putting us on to the special stool test which managed to identify the nasty parasite which was harming John so much! I hate to think of were we would be now, a year later, if you had not helped us.  To what extent John’s pains would have reached, and the immense guilt I was feeling as a result of having such a sick little boy. Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts!

Kind Regards
Rochelle Rose-Smissen

Mother’s email to me on 18 March 2011 regarding her 6yr old son John

Eric’s Comment: Just another day in the life of a naturopath – a mother who has become quite disillusioned with the science based medical system, and her son who is finally well again. Do you have a child with a digestive problem?

Doctor_Tired_1“We felt completely lost from our experiences with our doctor”

“Eric, thank you so much for your help so far!  It has been reassuring to have your experience to turn to when we had felt completely lost from our experiences with our GP.
Now that we know there is that parasite there I really need to get John on something as soon as possible to get it killed off – waiting over this weekend has been nerve wracking as it is!
Kind Regards  Rochelle Rose-Smissen

Mother’s email to me on 13 November 2010 regarding her 6yr old son John

Eric’s Comment: John was brought to me earlier this year in 2010. He is 6yrs old and had been suffering from bad digestive pains and nausea for eighteen months. We treated John at once for parasites and yeast infection, which I immediately suspected. It helped initially most favourably – with an almost complete remission of all his complaints and the improvements lasted over 4 weeks in all. Then the symptoms came back, and we started to look more carefully at diet – dairy, gluten, etc. All of temporary help but STILL be could not get rid of the pain and nausea. I suspected a parasite still, so authorised a CDSA x 3 (Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis, 3 samples on 3 concurrent days. BINGO – results, we found Dientamoeba fragilis, a protozoan which has probably come from a pinworm infection. John is now finally of to his doctor for proper treatment. My suspicions were right all along, and my motto always has been: “If at first you don’t find what you arre looking for, shine a light into the darkness, in the areas nobody else has looked”. And we found it. Persistence breaks resistance.

“I’m grateful I discovered your clinic before I saw the rheumatologist”

Hi Eric, I just want to say how grateful I am (and fortunate) to have discovered your clinic in time. A friend suggested I see you, he had rheumatoid arthritis and under you care is now running marathons so this gave me hope!  I came to you first in April 2010 with what one doctor called rheumatoid arthritis, and another doctor called “reactive” arthritis.

I woke up one morning in February this year and could not walk, my knees and ankles were very stiff and painful, and the balls of my feet hurt pretty bad, I couldn’t stand on my feet that well. The doctor I went to said I had rheumatoid arthritis and gave me prednisolone and Norflex (a muscle relaxant) and said I needed long-term anti-inflammarory drugs which I was very reluctant to take. He also recommended and anti-inflammatory drug called Voltaren.
After two months of your treatment the improvements have been amazing! The inflammation in my feet is gone down to just about zero, the joint mobility in my ankles, toes and balls of my feet is back to normal. I couldn’t sleep due to the pain and stiffness before and was waking several times a night. All good now.

I just want to thank you for what you have done and am so grateful I discovered you before I could get into see the rheumatologist. No doubt he would have placed me on even stronger drugs! Getting quickly and turning things around made all the difference. You’re are a legend.

Pamela Minor, Aged 42yrs  Napier  8 June 2010 


Cholesterol drugs poisoned my liver

Hi Eric,
As promised, below is my summary of what happened to me regarding statins (drugs to lower cholesterol).

I had been taking statin drugs to lower my cholesterol on-and-off for about 10 years, then consistently on 40mg of Liptor for the past 8 years.  I had minor liver issues – liver function blood test markers were all elevated.  My Specialist carried out a liver biopsy which showed a minor amount of disease, but nothing to be concerned about apparently.  I was advised that my cholesterol levels (which were around 7.8 even on the Liptor) were more of a concern then my actual liver function.  Over this time my general health was declining.  Test showed nothing, but eventually I was diagnosed with ME.  I was suffering from severe fatigue, and a selection of other issues which meant I couldn’t hold down a job.  Gradually I worked with a number of alternative health professionals to improve my health to a state were I could work part-time.
I was also able to reduce my Liptor from 40mg to 20mg, with my cholesterol sitting around the late 6’s)  But I seemed to hit a level above which my health didn’t improve.  Eventually, Eric suggested I try coming off Liptor to see what happens. You did mention to me all along that you thought the Lipitor was undermining my health, but I was concerned about keeping my cholesterol levels down.
The way I feel now, I don’t want to go back on those drugs that made me feel so toxic for so long. Within a few days of coming off the Liptor, I noticed my morning urine, which had been burnt orange and smelly for the last 4 years, returned to a mild yellow with no real smell !  Additionally I came out with a rash over parts of my body, and suffered a toxic feeling headache for at least three days. After this things rapidly improved.  My brain fog cleared, memory improved and I was able to perform better at work.  My energy levels also improved to the point that I ‘wake-up’ in the morning as opposed to focusing myself out of bed.  Within 2 months I was working 5 days a week and leading a relatively busy life – something which had been lost to me for many years. I am also able to tolerate liver herbs prescribed for me, which I feel is
improving my overall health even more. As for my cholesterol, it sitting around 6.3 with some natural alternatives.

It does seem ironic to me that the drugs designed to reduce my cholesterol poisoned my liver to the point that is no longer capable of controlling my cholesterol itself!

Thanks Eric, for helping me to regain my health back again after all these years!


Eric’s reply:  Sara is just another case we see all to often – poisoned by pharmaceutical drugs, designed to “cure” an elevated cholesterol level. Meanwhile, the person feels terrible, has a poor quality of life. But – the doctor says to stay on these poisons inspite off all the side-effects. Is this you? Are you buying into this garbage?  Are you taking a drug like Lipitor, or Zocor, or a drug designed to lower your cholesterol levels? Do you feel yuk, tired, poor memory, spaced out, just “not right” ?
Then let me know, we have ways of cleaning up your liver and bowel. If cholesterol really is an issue (and the jury is still out whether high cholesterol will cause heart disease prematurely in it’s own right) we have ways of mitigating the high levels naturally, without toxic, poisonous pharmaceutical drugs.

Sara , Auckland, Nov, 2007

Thanks for your wonderful e-newsletter

Hi Eric,

Once again, I want to say heartfelt Thanks for your wonderful e-newsletter. I really appreciate the effort you put into it; it’s informative and interesting. I intend giving the Jungle Juice recipe a go! Mum is doing nicely and I am grateful to you for your encouraging help with her heart condition. Hopefully it will contribute to her continued quality of life in her remaining years. We always feel greatly heartened after a visit to your Clinic.

Warm Regards,

Susan , May, 2007

Thanks for helping me with my chronic long-term health complaints

(Testimonial for the treatment I have received from Eric Bakker, naturopath
Duration of my treatment: from January 2008-Feb 2009)
When I went to Eric a little over a year ago I had some chronic and long-term complaints (which unfortunately my GP had made very little atttempt to help with).
  • A barking dry cough, particularly bad at night and worsening.
  • Sores and ulcers in my mouth also becoming worse.
  • Leg tremors and irritability worsening to the extent that it was becoming very difficult to go out in the evening and be able to sit still. Also disturbing my sleep.
  • Burning feet.
  • Nervous tension.
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Major problems with insomnia, very long term.
I had a diagnosis of bi-polar disorder, and Eric suggested that correct electrolyte balance was very important in bi-polar illness and suggested that we do some testing.
 When the test results  came back revealing very high levels of lead present, Eric put me on heavy metal detox and suggested two saunas a week ongoing to assist with the clearance of toxins, He further suggested cabbage juice and this had an almost immediate effect on improving the mouth ulcers and the cough. Later he suggested various herbal medicines. I no longer have any mouth problems and no cough. I can eat fruit again and can now take grapefuit seed extract which, when Eric first  had suggested was too much of an irritant and aggravated the cough.
 Leg irritability and burning feet decreased steadily over the year and are no longer a problem.
Over the year my health and stamina have improved dramatically — this is clearly visible to others who comment on it. I no longer have to take rests during the day and can maintain a full and active life-style, though I do need a full 8-9 hours in bed at night.
Sleeping improved at the end of April and was excellent until the beginning of December when we began to have very hot nights. It is improving again, but is still not quite as good as the winter months.
I have been able to reduce the Venlafaxine which I have been taking, and hope to be able to continue to reduce the dose steadily over time.
 Mrs. C.A.

Mrs. C. A Hastings , Feb, 2009

Stress Management Seminar Feedback

Stress Seminar 14 March
Thank you to all those who attended our successful Stress Seminar on Wednesday evening 14 March. We have had great feedback from all those who attended. Our seminars just keep getting better, we had Mikal Nielsel speaking on how to breathe for stress, and this session was enjoyed by many!  Lots of laughs and giggles as we were told to let our bellies hang out and breathe down deep !  I have uploaded a few pages from the Stress Seminar on food and diet tips for stress. You can view these and print them off.

Here is some of the feedback from the 60 people who attended the Stress Management Seminar, they were asked what they most liked about the presentation, and here are some replies:

– “This seminar re-inforced my desire to change my level of health and stress, thanks Eric”
– “Great education, a lot of new info for me”
– ” Your seminars are common sense but much needed today, this seminar taught me to wake-up and  to change my life right now, or I’ll live until I am only 50 yrs old like my mum”
– “I liked the relaxation side of your seminar the best (Louise Cullen’s Visualisation & Meditation)”
– “Your seminars are so easy to understand”
– “WOW, Mikal nielsen’s breathing demonstration was great, it taught me how poorly I breathe!”
– “Comprehensive seminar, the ABC of stress is what I will take away with me today”
– “The discussion about vitamins and minerals relating to stress interested me th emost”
– “The seminar made me think more about time management, saying “NO” to to many obligations”
– “Well presented, easy to follow and understand”
– “Straight to the point, factual”
– “Your seminars always remind me about what I should be eating!”
– ” It taught me why certain situations affect me more than others”
– “I found the breathing lesson was fantastic, I noticed how many people were enjoying themselves”
– “Simple message on how stress affects us all, and that is sorely needed today”
– ” Don’t change your style, I have been to many stress seminars before, and they are about pie charts and time management, telling us to live in “this or that quadrant” You are straight to the point, and explain what stress actually does to the body, and how we can reduce and avoid the effects”
– “Eric, you are an enthusiastic presenter and I really enjoy these sessions, keep them going”
– “This presentation re-inforced what you told me during a consultation I had with you last year”
– ” A most comprehensive coverage of all aspects of stress on the body”
– ” This seminar taught me to relax more, and not to feel guilty”
– ” It covered a lot of things that are wrong with me right now, and re-inforced that stress underpins them”
– “I learned how to respond to a stressful situation more appropriately”
– ” I could totally relate to this presentation, thanks for a great evening”
– ” Great medical explanation of what is REALLY happening inside the body with stress”
–  ” I enjoyed the meditation with Louise, there was a good balance and flow to the evening – well done”

Havelock North Community Centre , March, 2007  North Island New Zealand

“IBS” and “depression” cured by avoiding allergic foods 

I cannot thank you enough for helping me solve my digestion problems. I have had just over two weeks avoiding the foods you pointed out that I am allergic to and I feel great to say the least. My stomach no longer hurts, I have energy again and my mental health almost instantly switched back to normal and I have not suffered any depression since.

I would like to organise a time to call you for a phone consult regarding my diet to make sure I am giving my body everything it needs.

Thanks again Eric,

Matt , Australia, Apr, 2007

THANK YOU Eric for sharing such a fantastic piece for living

Dear Eric ,
Wow, what a lovely surprise to receive this month’s newsletter – it’s the first one I’ve laid eyes upon and already I’m very excited and intrigued by the informative and wise counsel provided here for a healthy lifestyle. So THANK YOU Eric for sharing such a fantastic piece for living!      I look forward to many more!!

Emma , May, 2007

Grave’s Disease?

Hi Eric,

I have some great news regarding my thyroid !!. And they first told me I have “Grave’s Disease”. But now the Doctor has sent a letter advising me to stop taking Carmiboze (don’t know how to spell) He said my last test results show TSH level is elevated to 4.4, and the letter sounded like they were completely confused as to why my levels had improved so much. I will get you copies of my results, but it looks like Eric what you have done is just fantastic. Thank you so much, I’m so pleased but my parents and hubby are even happier.
Also, I’m having no more headaches, and I am having a better and bigger breakfast as you suggested, and this has really worked.

Miss P.

Eric’s Comment: Just another day in the life of a naturopath, an improved thyroid patient going nowhere with the drug-based treatments of an over-active thyroid. I’ve seen many before like this young lady, offered strong drugs, or surgery to remove a “faulty” thyroid. They are also offered a “radioactive” iodine drink to stop the thyroid working, the problem is most I have seen plunge into a hypo-thyroid state. Why would you want to drink a poisonous substance to “get healthy”? It sounds like something right out of Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory. I read this with curiosity on the “warning” sheet you are given by the hospital after your little toxic cocktail drink: “Limit your contact with others. Do not enter a room with any infants or children, and stay at least three feet away from other adults. Don’t stay near any other adult for more than a few minutes. Do not share a bed with anyone for 48 hours following the treatment”.

The thyroid actually belongs to the person, so if the person is looking for another way of treating her over-active thyroid, natural medicine can offer an alternative to the harsh treatments of conventional medical treatment. When balanced correctly – the thyroid comes right in many cases. BTW, the drug was the patient was referring to is Carbimazole.

Updated 7 April 2008. The patient has since married, and is four months pregnant, mother and child in outstanding health. Congratulations to all !

Miss P. , Wellington, Sep, 2007

25 years of pain and suffering – gone in three weeks

For 25 years I have suffered with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and auto-immune condition affecting the thyroid, which causes an unsightly swelling of the thyroid gland in the neck. Whilst rejecting drastic medical advice, including surgery to my thyroid or a “radio-active” iodine drink, I visited 4 doctors and many natural therapists over the years without much success. However – after only 3-4 weeks of treatment by Eric Bakker, my neck has now reduced dramatically to almost being normal. I can’t believe it, but the pains I experienced in my left abdomen are gone, 20 years of pain – gone. Additionally, increased energy and mental comprehension & clarity, which have been a HUGE bonus!
Thank you Eric,



Like many thyroid patients, Marion was only offered the knife or toxic drugs. I can’t believe why conventional medicine has virtually ignored nutritional aspects of thyroid hormone metabolism.

Marion , Napier, Dec, 2007

I’m pregnant – thanks for helping me

Hi Eric, I cam to see you in April 2006 concerning getting my body ready to make a baby and soon after you had me begin a detox.I remember you saying that if I lost some weight,stayed off the wine and red meats,upped my water etc that I would have a fantastic pregnancy…and you were so right.I concieved in March last year and did have an amazing pregnancy.I was able to go walking every day, had plenty of energy and generally felt fantastic! On Christmas Eve I delivered a beautiful,healthy, 7lb6oz boy,who is doing spendidly. I wanted to let you know and thank you for the wake up call you gave and your sensible advise. I’m still feeling good and breastfeeding but know I will have to continue to watch the waitline and keep the excersize going. I cannot remember what I weighed when I first came to see you…but if you still have recorded I would really appreciate you letting me know,so I know where things began for me.
Thanks again…and keep up the great work.

Kind Regards,

Ms. G

Ms G. , Napier, Sep, 2008

Asthma diagnosis was wrong, I was not able to exhale properly

I know you enjoy receiving bits & pieces concerning your practice. Firstly congratulations on the first of your readers columns written on Thursday for the Napier Courier paper.I am sure you will receive good feedback from many readers. Also I must mention that after attending your last Seminar in Havelock Nth Community Center I decided that it was about time I returned to my Doctor for a re-assessment regarding my asthma. The best outcome was proven that in fact I am not asthmatic as previously diagnosed more than 5 years ago. My problem in fact showed that I was unable to exhale properly not matter how I tried.

A chest X-ray showed everything was normal with no associated problems so my GP sent me to a Thoracic Dr Colleague of his. This was the first time in years that “any” one of the professionals had thought to inspect my rib cage. He discovered the right side of my rib cage was the problem & duly re-aligned it for me. (At some stage in my youth I had suffered a bicycle accident & at a later date had minor surgery on a rib.) The good news is that my voice production has improved beyond belief & I continue to work on my exhalation with diaphragm controlled breathing.

Thanks must go to your Guest speaker Mikal Neilsen- (teacher of breathing/singing ) who most certainly motivated me into sorting out my problem.

Regards, Emily

Emily , Napier, May, 2007

Your research into the subjects is obviously very extensive

Dear Eric,

“I wish to thank you for the very informative health related articles that appear each month in the Health Options magazines. Your research into the subjects is obviously very extensive, but presented in a very easy to read & understandable style.”

Merrilyn , Mt Maunganui, Jun, 2007

Ulcerative colitis that was limiting my husband’s life – cleared up in 1 year

Dear Eric, many thanks for the time you have spent with my husband and his troublesome bowel complaint of ulcerative colitis in the past. My husband told me to say that being a farmer, in the past he would have as soon consulted a witch-doctor as a Naturopath! However, all that has changed since the success of his treatment with you and he’s now firmly convinced of the benefits of whole-body health. He says that while the drugs given him by the medical specialist for his colitis certainly made the symptoms go away in the short-term, as soon as he cut down the dose, the symptoms would reappear. There were a lot of undesirable side-effects too and the prognosis for long-term use of the drugs was not looking good for Rob’s overall health.

When he mentioned to our chiropractor, Dr. Hawtin, that he was looking for a long-term solution to good health, rather than just taking drugs for the rest of his life, John recommended that he consult you. Rob was very impressed by the accuracy of your diagnosis and treatment for him, that enabled the leap of faith that it took to follow up the rest of your recommendations. At first the recommended change in diet was difficult for him, but I made sure we always had the right food available in the house as you said, and after a couple of months it became second nature. A year down the track, the symptoms that were limiting his life so severely have now cleared up entirely. Rob is a lot healthier and has heaps more energy. Rob is now really self-monitoring and takes responsibility for his own health by making conscious decisions about what he eats instead of leaving his health to chance. However, this is not a struggle, more just a lifestyle change for the better. ( Indeed, through the knowledge we’ve gained, we’re even implementing changes in our farming practice because we’re now totally convinced that “you are what you eat”. Our aim is now to produce healthier food using a properly balanced approach, from the soil on up.) For myself, I’m delighted to see Rob healthy and enjoying life again!

Eric, thanks so much, your treatment has made such a huge difference, not just to Rob’s quality of life, but also to that of our family as a whole! You can use this information as you like, to help your patients. We fly out today and will see you on our return from overseas holiday.

Kindest Regards, Robyn.

Robert , Havelock North, Apr, 2007

Having no previous experience whatsoever with natural medicines, I can say with complete confidence that Eric’s treatment has worked for me.

At about the age of 50 I was diagnosed as having a mild arthritic condition for which I was prescribed the anti-inflammatory drug Voltaren. At the age of 55, I developed a cholesterol and angina problem that resulted in 5 stents placed in my upper chest, and was placed on one Cartia (Aspirin) and one Lipitor (cholesterol lowering drug) daily. By the age of 65 I was experiencing cramps in my feet at night, sharp gout like joint pains, very tight muscles in the lower back which were causing a loss of flexibility and itchy skin with no obvious skin symptom visible at all.
Having no previous experience whatsoever with natural medicines, I visited Eric who correctly diagnosed straight away what my problems were – drug induced diseases !
On the morning of the 10th day of treatment, I experienced a huge change in my mobility, and since then all the above symptoms have disappeared. And – I have not taken one Cartia or Voltaren pill for 6 months now.
I can say with complete confidence that Eric’s treatment has worked for me.

Mr. R. M.

It is interesting to note that whilst Bob’s cholesterol was kept low on Lipitor, he had another cardiovascular risk marker called Lipoprotein A, which was found to be as high as 1370mg per litre of blood. The correct range is from 0-200mg/L. His doctor had never even heard of Lipoprotein A. This is probably what has contributed more likely to his angina (and consequent placing of the stents in his chest) than the cholesterol.


Bob , Hastings, Feb, 2007

I cannot believe the change to my overall health and feeling of well-being

In October 2005 I had my first consultation with Eric to give me relief from my leg cramps whilst exercising, headaches, chronic rhinitis and poor sleep. Eric recommended that first a full biochemical readout should be taken including a hair analysis and full blood testing, to determine my overall state of health. The Hair analysis results came back identifying an extremely high level of arsenic in my body. The why was not too hard to find! I was a pipe smoker and had been for over 40 years, and arsenic is a naturally occurring poison found in tobacco. Eric’s advice was “Harry, for goodness sake give up that pipe and let’s put you on a thorough environmental detoxification programme to remove that arsenic, which, if not taken out, may well make you a strong candidate for chronic ill health down the track”

I stopped smoking the pipe immediately using the book “The Easy Way to Give up Smoking” by Alan Carr. I then started early in 2006 on The Naturopath’s comprehensive detoxification programme. This process went on for almost 5 months when another test confirmed the arsenic levels had been lowered to much more normal level.

I cannot believe the change to my overall health and feeling of well-being. My issues of poor sleep and headaches and cramps have disappeared entirely, and there has been a dramatic change to my diet and lifestyle as well. I now am a convert, and believe strongly in Eric’s advice “with a bit of a clean up and some care my body can last a life time”.

Thanks Eric for the inconvenient truth and the solution!

Eric’s Comments
Even after 15 years, and thousands of patients, it is still a real pleasure to work with people and see them make such an excellent recovery to full health and vitality, like Harry. This man’s health has changed so much, and is a sure confirmation that anybody with commitment and a desire to improve their health can do so – regardless of age, by following the principles of natural health. Are you still going to the conventional Western doctor, in the hope that your complaints such as  leg cramps, headaches, chronic rhinitis and poor sleep will be cured ……by drugs?  And they still call conventional Western drug based medicine – a health care system – I tend to call it a sickness management system.

Harry T , Havelock North, Nov, 2005

Thank you for recently seeing Mrs. S and fixing the cough she has had for most of her life.

Interestingly, her diabetic control seems to have been better in recent weeks as well.
I understand that you sent her to Dr. X to have her thyroid blood test done. The TSH was slightly less suppressed at 0.07 than it was before I reduced the Thyroxine dose in August. If you have a patient of mine for whom you would like a blood test, please feel free to give me a ring. We can take the blood here and deliver a copy of the report to you.
I would be thrilled to know what it is that fixed the cough, and anymore similar coughs will be sent to you !

Eric’s Comment
It is interesting to note here: Mrs. S had this cough for more than 5 years, it was sorted within 4 weeks on a liquid herbal formula and a diet change. How could I offer my patients better results by being a GP? I probably couldn’t,  and would only end up being frustrated at the lack of response of so many patients have long term on drug based therapies.  I’d probably opt for any early retirement and go fishing. Dr. J has retired just recently by the way, he was in his early 50’s. And no….he is not into fishing.

Dr. J , Hawke’s Bay, Nov, 2006

Healthy baby inspite of endometriosis and infertility diagnosis

My name is Mrs. T and I was one of your patients diagnosed with endometriosis and infertility problems and came to visit your clinic in December 2003. I am not sure if you remember me but I actually felt pregnant not long after I completed your detoxification program !

Although my husband and I were extremely excited but we were also very worried about the health of our baby due to the use of the supplements I was taking over that period. We both came to visit you and you assured us both that the chance of any problem is almost none.

In fact I should tell you that our baby was a healthy little boy born in October 2004. Tiam is now 2 years old and he is a real sweet heart (of course for the parents!).

Anyway, Eric to cut a long story short, you have gained you a great reputation amongst my friends and family and you have certainly made me very interested and a follower in the field of natural medicine.

It is about a year and half ago that we have moved to Australia. One of my friends in Brisbane, has asked me to ask you if by any chance you know of a professional naturopath like yourself who has experience with endometriosis in Brisbane. My friend, Ms S., has a niece with severe endometriosis and adhesions who is visiting her shortly in Brisbane and she would like to use the opportunity to take her niece to visit a professional Naturopath.

Eric, It has been my pleasure to have known you and thank you again very much for all you did to help me to overcome my health problems, and allowed me to conceive a child naturally, in spite of the endometriosis diagnosis.

Mrs. T , Brisbane , Australia, Nov, 2006

Going to The Naturopaths was one of the best choices we as parents have ever made 

I’ll start from the beginning. Paris, my 7 year old daughter was in hospital at 3 months of age for constipation. At first the doctors thought of meningitis and even… cancer. From then until the age of 2 years, Paris was on a constant dose of Colostal drops, and after 2 years of age she was placed on Lactulose 10mls twice daily. Paris had always moved her bowels a lot, 5 times per day was to us as first-time parents considered normal, but it was the really hard stools and the really runny ones which got us worried. Then she started to soil herself constantly, and by the age of 3 years she was back into hospital once again for 6 days with a tube in her nose. She was being “cleaned” out, so now she is on 30mls of Lactulose twice daily, and additionally placed on 2 Sennakot tablets daily as well. One and a half months later, back in hospital, yet again – her bowels are completely full once more. Now, Lactulose is increased to 40mls twice daily, still with the 2 Sennakot tablets daily – which she threw up each time she got them. Over the next two years, we managed to get poor little Paris down to 10 – 15mls of Lactulose twice daily and threw out those awful Sennakot tablets. At 6 years of age, Paris started to have “overflow” problems again, basically exploding at school, which resulted in 5 days in hospital yet again, having a clean-prep via a nasal tube.

Basically we got so sick of the doctors, we just dosed her up to keep the problem under control, but we were not actually treating her. Paris was overweight, bloated and grumpy, has a really rotten breath and was struggling a lot at school. So, then we decided to try other options and we met Eric!

Since following Eric’s advice and eating plan, Paris has not had one single set back.

These are the results we have had with Eric’s treatment plan for Paris:

  • Breath became fresh (it was absolutely rotten)
  • Sleeping better (Paris never slept really well)
  • Better behaved little girl (not grumpy and irritable anymore)
  • Lovely skin (not dry anymore)
  • Doing excellent at school (struggling, and exploding bowel motions at school)
  • Regular bowels (was never a reality for all her 7 years)

Paris took a little while to get used to her new medications from Eric, but now knows that they are helping her. Going to The Naturopaths was one of the best choices we as parents have ever made for our little child. Thank you Eric, we finally have a happy 7 year old girl.

J. Hindrup , Hastings, Nov, 2006

I’m really glad I found your awesome website

Eric, thank you so much for your kind reply and your ability to see me at such short notice.  I really appreciate it.  It`s Saturday today, so I`ll give your receptionist a call next week to confirm the appointment.   I`m really glad I found your website and your articles – your articles about natural medicine are some of the most accessible, informative and helpful articles I`ve read.

Eric’s Comment
Jill’s email is one of many we get, up to ten per week who contact us from the internet with enquiries regarding a complaint, or a simple basic enquiry. I do manage to answer most, but please be patient if you don’t get a reply within 48hrs. My receptionist also screens our emails and replies where possible. So – do feel free to drop us an email, and you can also be placed on our E-Newsletter database more easily then as well

Jill Hunter , Auckland, Feb, 2007

Weight Loss and Wellbeing – and feeling amazing

Thanks Eric for working with both me and my wife. You have helped both of us by showing us ways of increasing our level of health and fitness, and encouraged us to lose weight too. I have lost 7 kgs, and my wife has lost 5 kgs. We went to a weight-loss clinic and my wife’s weight didn’t move an inch, you were right, it was her thyroid! I have been on many diets, but your simple plan made sense and it was easy to follow. I am sending my brother-in-law in, his health is not the best.
Looking forward to continuing to work with you into the future. Thanks for helping us feel awesome.
All the best

James Anderson , Wellington, Feb, 2007

Prostate Cancer 

My name is Malcolm White, and I am seventy eight years young. On June 4, 1996 I was told I had a prostate cancer with a PSA reading of 200. Through my son you mentioned that you may be able to help me. I started your treatment on 10th of June 1996, and only after a short time noticed an improvement in my well-being. After five months of treatment I went for another blood test and on getting the result I was amazed and delighted to know that the PSA reading had dropped to 2.6. What an amazing decrease in the count!

To you Eric, my heartfelt thanks,

Yours Gratefully,

Malcolm White, Brisbane, November 1997

P.S Eric, I have enclosed a full copy of the blood tests as proof of my statement for those who disbelieve you!

Malcolm White , Brisbane, Mar, 1997

“The biggest hurdle I have found in the dealing with my child’s allergies, is the resistance of the medical system – the doctors were of no help at all”.  Anna

Hi Eric,

My name is Anna Reeves, and I don’t know if you remember, but I came to see you in August 2006 with my 5-month-old son Hamlin, who was exclusively breastfed and suffering from eczema, runny stools, excessive wind, sinus/breathing/ear problems, and excessive spitting after feeding.
I saw you for an initial consultation, and you gave me dietary tips and a diet plan to follow (you suggested the most likely foods to be, etc). I also bought some children’s nutritional supplements from you. I started the diet that day and within literally two weeks the excessive spitting/vomiting after feeding had stopped. The eczema got worse and worse, though I knew I was doing the right thing (you said this may happen and explained why, which I found really helpful) and I persevered with the dietary changes you suggested. I didn’t use any steroid doctor-prescribed creams (only some natural products to help soothe the skin) Within  6 months we were ONE HUNDRED PERCENT symptom-free. It was truly unbelievable.

Hamlin is now a healthy, happy, still completely symptom-free 17 month old. I am still breastfeeding and neither of us eat the allergenic foods you pointed out.
He is way off the Plunket charts for his age in weight, and eats like a horse – meat, fish, seafood, veges, fruit and some gluten-free bread/pasta. I have learnt to cook and enjoy food around his allergies and realised that I was highly allergic to these foods myself, I can not tolerate them whatsoever. My own health and vitality has improved ten-fold.
Hamlin has had no immunisations (another thing you advised me to think carefully about in view of his allergies and poor immune function) I did further research and made a definite (informed as you pointed out) decision to NOT immunise. And my son has never EVER been sick since I made the changes you suggested, nor needed to see any doctor or have any type of allopathic medicine.

The biggest hurdle I have found, in the dealing with Hamlin’s allergy journey, is the resistance of the medical system – I truely found that the doctors were no help at all. People’s attitudes too – everyone I talked to about eczema could only offer me info/experiences with “interventions” – formulas, steroid creams, etc etc. There was little support or understanding out there for “self-management” or “alternative” ways of dealing with allergies.
So, I am emailing you to share my story’s conclusion. I never thanked you and want to do so wholeheartedly. The consultations I had with you really gave me the tools to educate myself and free my son (and myself) from our own personal hell due to the symptoms he (and I, unknowingly) were suffering. I am so grateful that “on a desperate whim” decided to see you and you were there to share your knowledge. You were understanding, easy to talk to and explained everything so well. I hope my story helps other parents seek help – like the information you gave me.
I have attached a photo of him at 5 months (to be honest I didn’t take any pictures when it got worse – I couldn’t bare to) –  you can see the eczema on his cheeks, head and stomach. And another at 16 months 🙂


Sorry this has been so long and please feel free to use any of it, in any way you see fit as a testimonial. Your website is very interesting and informative by the way 🙂
Thanks so much again Eric,
Anna Reeves    Central Hawke’s Bay

Eric’s comment:
Little Hamlin is like so many little children we see at our clinic. With a little patience and perseverance, most all children can be free of the terrible symptoms of eczema, asthma, hayfever, sinusitis and a whole host of other immune related issues. And aren’t the parents happy! Are you still applying those ridiculous steroid creams, and regularly giving antibiotics to your little child ? You have got options – and it is nice to know that you don’t have to use powerful drugs like steroids on the little ones.

Little boy with eczema , Central Hawke’s Bay, Aug, 2007

A 9yr old boy: successfully arsenic detoxification (August 2007)

Hi Eric,
Our son Stefan, who is 9 years old, had a very bad temper, was extremely grumpy, and continuously back chatted, generally an unsettled boy!
We had a Hair Analysis completed through your clinic, and found out that he has very high levels of arsenic in his system. He has been treated for four months all up, and in the last 2 ½ months he has been on a heavy metal detox. My husband, and daughter and I have noticed a big improvement, for example; when he gets up, he is much more cheerful, and a happy young boy.  He sleeps better, and his temper has settled down a lot.  We all are enjoying being around each other.  It is wonderful!

Regards from very thankful parents,

Rowena & Martin.

Eric’s Comment:
Stefan, like many other children in NZ with behavioural problems are seen as “naughty children”, when in fact many are nutritionally deficient or just plain toxic, like in Stefan’s case. Is it any wonder a small brain and nervous system can function with such a toxic load? Are drugs like Ritalin the answer? NO – more investigations need to be taken in order to determine FIRST if the child is toxic or not. Is your child naughty, has ongoing behavioural issues or poor learning ability? Try naturopathy, Western medicine has no time for detoxification. Toxins are rarely seen as obstacles in a person’s life, unless a blood-test validates this. Research will show that this is fine for very acute exposure to heavy metals, but not so for chronic low grade exposure long term.

Hi Eric   (regarding Stefan  – update 25 July 2008)

I just wanted to share some more great news with you, yesterday Stefan received the Star award in his class! for writing an imaginative story, but the fact that he wanted to write another story by himself!! is amazing.
We are so proud of him, the fact that he wants to write at all on his own, instead of having his teacher aid writing it for him is so awesome!
He’s always had a great imagination, but for getting it down on paper all by himself is where he really struggles, so I am so pleased things are starting to come together for him, after 15 months of treatment.  I am so happy he too, is being recognized for his hard work at school finally, instead of being recognized for being just a trouble maker.
Thank you so much for everything, always being there when I need your support.

Kindest regards,


Stefan , Palmerston North, Aug, 2007

Thanks for the professional advice & personal engagement

I have been following your Health-Plan for some time now and I think its time for some positive feedback. I feel much better now than I did several months ago. My symptoms have improved a lot. I now wake up at a “reasonable” time in the morning, which allows me to start the day feeling refreshed. In the meantime I have lost 2.5 kgs, which is good because it is my “feel-well-weight” Besides following your plan consistently; I try to discipline myself to consume enough water which has made a BIG difference!
(Thank you for the water reminder in your last e-newsletter).

THANK YOU Eric, for your professional advice and your personal engagement.

Miss F , Hastings, Nov, 2006

Increased levels of well-being and vitality

Since taking advice from Eric three years ago I have experienced noticeably increased levels of well-being and vitality. My energy levels have increased and I am now fitter.

Eric has helped me to improve my diet and develop strategies for managing stress so that I have now achieved a balance in my life.

It was not difficult to implement the changes necessary to improve the quality of my life and health and I am now reaping the benefits.

S.H , Havelock North, Dec, 2006

Thank you for a most extraordinary consultation

Thank you for a most extraordinary consultation, and also for seeing me on such short notice. At first I was a bit uneasy, revealing more to you more than I thought a stranger should really have to know, but half way through the visit it occurred to me that you seemed much more like a friend than a stranger! This impression I had of your ability to perceive what was really going on with me in my life was very strong and quite perceptive on your part I might say. (sure you weren’t told about me by my friend?), but it was most appreciated and gratefully received.

Best wishes to you Eric! I do hope that one day we will meet up again.

Natalie Camino , Singapore, Sep, 2004

Sports nutrition talk given to students at Taradale High

Thank you very much for coming in and talking about nutrition. The session was very informative and I had lots of positive feedback the next day from the students.

It is great to get so much information targeted at these students and I hope they took in as much as possible. If we had more people like yourself involved in educating us in matters of health, we would be far better off.

Thanks again, and I look forward to your next presentation. Yours Sincerely, Keith Harrison Institute of Sport Teacher

Keith Harrison , Institute of Sport Teacher, Jul, 2000

Thanks for your steadfast commitment

When I consider my years of illness, there arises within me a deep gratitude for the privilege of meeting the extra-ordinary people such as yourself, who have helped me find wholeness.

Desperate for answers, and completely exhausted from years of being driven, word of mouth referred me to your special expertise with difficult cases. In my weakness I felt almost overwhelmed, but you were undaunted by this challenge, we have work to do, you would say! I could not imagine the struggle ahead; but simply the call of wellness outweighed the surrender to weariness.

I was encouraged by your sure belief, knowledge and compassion for my body’s ability to heal itself. Our path is long, arduous and frustrating for us both – pushing the limits of both my endurance and your expertise. I am deeply grateful for your extra-ordinary care and steadfast commitment to my health and wellbeing. Months and even years are behind us – perhaps before us – and progress continues yet slowly, reluctantly.
Eric, may the universe yield her blessings in abundance upon you and your family, with appreciation, and for your continuing dedication to the craft of helping to heal others. Thank you.

Wishing to remain anonymous , Dec, 2006

Success with autistic girl – through heavy metal detoxification

At the young age of 22 months, my daughter Jessica was diagnosed with mild autism. This was a massive shock and extremely difficult to face and deal with at the time. A few weeks prior to this diagnosis Jessica had her routine injections as do most kids and the normal development we were experiencing started to go down hill. Jessica was starting to talk saying single and double words and developing well like most kids.

Being the inquisitive person that I am, I was looking for some answers to explain what had happened. I spent a long time, 18 months maybe, researching the internet looking at all scenarios and decided that my diagnosis was Jessica had mercury poisoning (from thimerosal, a vaccine preservative). Immediately that night I ordered online a Heavy Metal Test Kit from the USA. On its arrival I carried out the test to find that Jessica’s mercury levels were extremely high. I got back in touch with the USA and ordered a chelation formula and a magnetic clay bath. I immediately started using the clay bath as it was simple and easy and seemed to be effective and some small gains were seen over time. This confirmed to me that we could be heading down the right path. I put the chelation formula in the cupboard as it said in the instructions that it depleted your body of vitamins and minerals and I personally didn’t want to be accountable for tampering with Jessica’s health. My next daughter did not have injections.

Only a few weeks later, my mother in law at the time was talking to a lady that suggested we talk to a man called Eric Bakker as he was highly regarded Naturopath in the field of detoxification as well as children’s health, and may be able to guide us in the right direction. The phone call was made and an appointment was arranged. A 2 hour trip was made from Palmerston North to Napier and Eric assessed Jessica and suggested we do a “Hair Analysis Test” to confirm what we were all thinking. Sure enough the results came back 2 weeks later confirming Jessica had extremely high levels of both aluminium and mercury in her little body. It turned out that this was the best money we spent in our quest for answers to Jessica’s problems.

Five months later after treating Jessica with Eric’s suggested detoxification programme, we had a repeat Hair Analysis, we have seen some incredible gains, with a significant reduction in both mercury and aluminium. Jessica is now much more aware of what is happening around her, is trying to speak again by uttering unclear words, is much more alert and emotional, basically a much happier little girl all round having a lot less tantrums. All this could be a result of reducing the heavy metal content in her little body to an acceptable level. Right now we are having a small rest from treatment and then will continue with the removal of toxic metals from her body. I have no doubt that some additional gains will be made over the next six months.I think the heavy metal removal has had the biggest impact on her wellbeing, and Eric was delighted to notice such a dramatic change in my daughter in such a short period of time.

Basically I would recommend to all parents that have kids in the autism spectrum to to have an experienced practitioner such as Eric Bakker carry out a Hair Analysis Test as soon as possible, and then follow the correct detoxification procedures with your child. The best time to start treatment is as early in life as possible as the most positive effects are gained at a young age. I would also suggest reading and making your own assumptions on thimerosal, a mercury which is used as a vaccine preservative, before embarking on vaccinating your own precious child.

Here is one of many sites I visited; warning of the dangers of vaccines and mercury poisoning: http://www.thimerosal-litigation.com/html/dangers.html

Eric’s comment: This case has shown me that there is definitely hope for the autistic child, Jessica was at first a very challenging child to work with, and I have much respect and admiration for Glen for persevering with his gorgeous little girl with the detoxification treatment, as it has paid off to a large extent. There is still some detox work ahead for Jess, but with the love and persistence of her father the her future is looking good. In the future, I hope to offer some video footage online of Jessica both before and after her detoxification. You too will be as astounded as Glen & I both are at the difference. Now tell me the honest truth, are you STILL considering vaccinating your precious child ?

Glen Zajonskowski (Jessica’s Father) , Palmerston North, Nov, 2006

Detox to Thrive presentation, comments from attendees. 

20 September 2006 Havelock North Community Centre
“Very informative”,
“Honest and straightforwardness”,
“Very knowledgeable”,
“Great presentation in a conversation style”,
“It encouraged me to take charge of my life”,
“Pitched at a good level with balance of common-sense & technical knowledge”,
“Lots of positive messages”,
“Incredibly enlighting”,
“You made me aware I was drinking too much wine”,
“Passionate speaker”,
“Eric, thanks for the inconvenient truth”
“Down to earth presenter”,
“I’ve learned that I have to take more responsibility”,
“Professional speaker”
“I came to your presentation last week and was blown away! What an awesome presentation, so much information, I have a friend who I would like to come and see you, and myself as well !”,
“Looking forward to the next one, this time I’ll bring (read:drag) my husband along”

Havelock North Community Centre , Sep, 2006

From Rheumatoid arthritis to Mr. Super Fit

I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 28, and was prescribed Voltaren for 18 months, but then switched to something herbal instead. Over the years, I have invested in many healers, homeopaths, naturopaths, colour therapists, acupuncturists, and even a witch doctor who all helped me but didn’t get to the bottom of my problem! 10 years on and I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired and always in pain, not to mention the 300 odd pills per month I was swallowing to numb the pain, keep me awake and reduce my stress! That’s when I visited Eric, and to this day I can still remember his famous first words: “Your arthritis will probably be the easiest thing to fix, let’s look at the causes rather than the symptoms” From that day on, I stopped all my potions and pills I’d been taking and Eric put me on a three week detox, made strict adjustments to my diet and recommended a little exercise. Well, after 3 years on Eric’s wisdom & research into my condition – I was “blown away”, to say the least – not only did I not have to take all that medication anymore (Vitamin C when I remember) I’ve been transformed into a very keen multi-sporter. I can now exercise 5 days per week, compete in ½ marathons, go mountain biking, do triathlons and even a ½ ironman in January 2007. All this would have not been achievable – without Eric’s treatment.

(name and full contact details supplied on request)
Mr. Super Fit

Mr. Super Fit , Havelock North, Mar, 2007