Nutritional Medicine Myths Busted

milk mythHere is a page about nutritional medicine myths busted, on this page you will find some of the most common misconceptions in terms of nutrition. Many of these resurface from time to time. “Butter is bad for your heart, eat margarine”, Eggs raise cholesterol levels” and I like this one, hilarious: “Sugar is a natural part of life” according to the sugar board, and “If you don’t drink milk your bones will crumble” according to the dairy association.

  • A well-balanced diet supplies all of the nutrients in sufficient quantities we need for optimal health and vitality. Fact: this is not true, it is now well established that most people do NOT consume sufficient nutrients through their diet.
  • Processed foods such as bottled , packaged or canned foods contain nutrients sufficient for optimal health and disease prevention.
  • Our foods contain “safe levels” of agricultural chemicals such as herbicides and pesticide residues. The chemical companies would like us to really believe that the human body has evolved sophisticated mechanisms that will allow it to detoxify over 60,000 chemicals it is exposed to in the environment. Think about it.
  • Chlorine, fluoride and many other chemical residues found in tap water are “harmless” in the doses found. Yes – and DDT was deemed harmless too until it was discovered that it caused cancer.
  • Vegetarian based diets are best for everyone, and eating a predominantly vegetarian diet will “prolong your life”. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you, this is simply a myth.
  • Sugar is a “natural” part of life.
  • The processing of food does very little harm, e.g.; storing, packaging, freezing, colouring, processing, flavouring, gassing and irradiating it.
  • The selection of foods from the five major food groups is good nutrition for everyone, you need no more.
  • Food allergies and food sensitivities are rare and affect less than 5% of the population.
  • Nutritional deficiencies are rare in modern western societies, we get all we need from our supermarket diet.
  • Fast take-away foods are an acceptable part of a balanced nutritional program.
  • Alcohol is safe when consumed in small quantities.
  • Milk is an “essential” food for the growing child, lack of it will cause bones to crumble and the person will be sure to develop osteoporosis. FACT: Countries with the highest intakes of dairy products in fact have the highest levels of osteoporosis, and the countries with the lowest levels of dairy (milk) intake have in fact the lowest levels of osteoporosis. Funny that.
  • Foods have no influence on behaviour, learning, emotions and long-term health and well-being of the individual.
  • If we suspect a nutritional deficiency, all we have to do is to increase the quantity of foods we eat to correct it, or pop a pill containing those missing nutrients.
  • Organically fruits and vegetables are totally safe and contain more nutrients than supermarket purchased fruits and vegetables.
  • Taking dietary supplements is useless, a waste of money and “fraudulent”.
  • Naturopathy is a “scam” with no basis in science, all naturopaths are “quacks” who should not even be allowed to see patient because they are not “medically qualified” to do so. (I have been told this on several occasions by various medical doctors of Western medicine).
  • Nutritional supplementation produces expensive urine. See Dr. Linus Pauling talking on “expensive urine” on You Tube.
  • Dietary manipulation and nutritional supplementation do not influence diseases that have a genetic component, e.g. cancer, diabetes, arthritis, cardiovascular disease.
  • “Nutrition has little bearing on health apart from perhaps constipation”. This was an exact quote from a 38yr old New Zealand doctor, who mentioned this in 1998, the year I came to NZ to practice.