The BEST diet in my opinion is what is called today the "flexitarian" diet. It's how I've always eaten, and now they call it a "special diet". It plain common sense. Eat mostly fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains. Focus on more protein from plants instead of animal protein. Try to stay flexible and incorporate some (but not much) meat and animal products from time to time. Eat the least processed, most natural forms of foods. Try and stay AWAY from junk foods. Limit added sugar and sweets, raw honey and sugars like xylitol are fine in moderation.

Food Allergy Advice

There are lots of people who are talk to me regularly about their food allergies and intolerances, and a lot of people kind of get confused and think that all food reactions are allergies, when in fact, many reactions are...

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Burgers Linked To Asthma In Children

Parents were asked about their child's normal diet, whether they had ever been diagnosed with asthma and if they have had wheeze. The results showed high fruit intake was associated with a low rate of wheeze among children from rich...

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Refined Carbohydrates

What are the sources of refined carbohydrates, especially highly refined carbs? Generally crappy foods in our diet. The stuff you buy at the mall when you go out shopping. These foods that have undergone extensive processing, which strips them from...

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Carbohydrates — sugar, starches and fibre, — are essential food nutrients that your body turns into glucose to give you the energy to function. Complex carbs in fruits, vegetables and whole-grain products are less likely to spike blood sugar than...

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Healthy Drinks

With so many drinks on shop shelves that are high in empty calories, finding healthy drinks that are also high in vitamins and minerals can be difficult. If you're looking for anything other than plain or flavoured water to quench...

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Foods To Avoid

There are many foods you know you shouldn't eat, but here are 5 foods to avoid you may be eating right now. Some may come as a surprise, others won't.

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