Muscular Tension Is Very Common With Stress

Ever Get A Sore Neck Or Shoulders?

Do you suffer with a sore lower back, tight neck and shoulders or have tension headaches regularly? What I’ve noticed is that many people I’ve seen with psoriasis of several years duration also complain of sore and tight muscles, and these muscles can differ from person to person. There happens to be six hundred and twenty different skeletal muscles, but there are also a lot of smooth muscles found throughout your body, for example in your digestive system. There are many blood vessels in addition which have smooth muscles, and many of these can potentially go into a state of contraction with sympathetic stress overload, resulting in cramps, spasms and the many and varied other symptoms produced by circulatory insufficiency.

If your parasympathetic nervous system is unable to maintain a steady balance to counter the effects of the sympathetic nervous system, toxins and stress by-products can build-up as they become trapped in muscles, and your muscles can become even more tense, contracted and painful.

But if your parasympathetic nervous system could be activated and maintain a regular state of balance, a whole new world will open up to you.

It’s time to explore the wonderful world of the parasympathetic nervous system, the PNS. While a sympathetic nervous system can make us feel like we are in the fires of hell at times, the parasympathetic nervous system has the ability to make us feel like we are in heaven.

The PNS brings us to that contented place of peace and harmony and allows us a much greater sense of well-being, it expands what was contracted, it calms what was tense, it clicks things back into place and pulls things back into line that were overstretched. The PNS is even responsible for great nights sleep and will have you waking feeling thoroughly refreshed. This nervous system calms and relaxes the mind, it is conducive to creative and imaginative thinking, allays anxiety and banishes depression. It slows the heartbeat and steadies the pulse; it improves your immune system’s capabilities and improves your digestion by encouraging the production of digestive enzymes and the movement of foods and wastes through the gut. It relaxes all the muscles, blood vessels and internal organs so that the movement of nutrients and wastes are encouraged.