Multiple Sclerosis

I did some research awhile ago into multiple sclerosis because as naturopaths we do see the MS patient from time to time. I read Dr. George Jelinek’s book, Dr. Fred Klenner’s reserach and also studied Dr. Roy Swank’s dietary recommendations. Dr. Parris Kid also had some sound recommendations, all four doctors who are experts in MS. I hope you enjoy the read if you have MS or if you knowa friend or a relation who does have MS then by all means send them the link to this page. I hope the information can be of benefit.

Multiple Sclerosis – Part 1 – Living with MS

In part 1 we talk about unanswered questions and MS as well as some suspected causes. I want you to believe that MS is NOT a condition that spells “disaster”, there is much you can do to improve the quality of your life regardless of diagnosis.

Multiple Sclerosis – Part 2 – What to Take

In part 2 we go further and explore the best foods to eat and those to avoid according to the latest research. I also show you the best nutritional supplements to take and why, and includes my 12-Step MS Program.