Men’s Health

Are you a guy reading this now, or perhaps in a relationship with one? You will find the article interesting looking at aged from 20 – 50. Some men are pro-active, others less so. You only get one body, you may as well look after it!

Men’s Health – From 20 to 50 and Beyond

In  the 21st century, guys are working harder than ever, are under more stress, become less active as they age, many still smoke cigarettes and consume more alcohol than women do. And then they wonder why they are three and a half times more likely to suffer from heart disease than women are. When you take all these factors into account – it’s no wonder women live longer. If men look after their body, it will serve them well, even beyond three score and ten. Guys, does it not make sense to maintain health and wellness, your most valuable asset, rather than manage sickness as you age? It makes sense for men to look and address some core issues affecting their long term health and fitness. Apart from stress related problems, sexual dysfunction, cardiovascular and prostate problems, many men are getting unhealthier and fatter. In fact, almost 6 out of 10 males are overweight and one quarter could be considered obese. Most guys have no problem looking after their motor vehicles, but have a tendency to neglect their own health.  Your body is the only one you will ever have, and is your body not worth more than your car?


Gout is one of those conditions which can be aided considerably with a change in diet and lifestyle, and is a form of arthritis which is normally associated with “high living”. This condition causes a rather painful accumulation of crystals of uric acid around the joint. A gout attack of pain usually strikes unexpectedly, but generally subsides in a few days with treatment. However, some guys can experience pain for several weeks with gout attacks often re-occurring and without the correct management the attacks of pain may become more frequent and can be very debilitating indeed. Now let’s have a closer look at gout, what it is and what causes it and more importantly, how we can help the gout patient with some good natural medicine suggestions.