Men With Yeast Infections Can Have Prostate Gland Problems


Prostate Involvement Is Common With Male Yeast Infection

I have seen a definite connection with male beer drinkers with yeast infections of the penis, the prostate and jock itch. It is important to determine if the man’s wife has a vaginal infection, itch or discharge. A man’s urethra is much longer than a female’s and is quite vulnerable to a yeast infection from his partner. A woman’s vagina is a very inviting place for yeast to grow, it is a dark, warm and moist environment which is perfect for yeast and at times before she notices any symptoms, she can transfer the infection back to the male where it can travel right up the urethral canal and settles in his prostate gland.

Men And Women Commonly Share A Yeast Infection

They can commonly swap an infection back and forth, making a complete recovery difficult for both and on occasion the yeast infection settles in the man’s prostate causing prostatitis, I call this “pass the parcel”. And this can be a real problem, because prostatitis can be quite difficult to eradicate.

Prostate problems are most common today and prostate cancer is a leading cause of death and disability in males. Enlarged prostate as well as prostate cancer have both been linked with alcohol intake, and it may be no co-incidence when we understand that alcohol is one of the primary driving causes behind yeast infections in both males and females. I have found that wine (women) and beer (men) are two of the leading alcoholic drinks involved in the pathogenesis (origin of the disease) as well as maintenance of a vaginal and prostate yeast infection. Sex and alcohol may be implicated and I feel that a lot more research needs to go into this area to fully understand their connection and implication with yeast infections and prostate problems.

Alcohol Avoidance

If you have any type of prostate problem then do try to avoid alcohol for a period of time while you follow my yeast solution program. This may well reveal that there is a link between both. Understanding cause and effect is the first step in permanently eradicating any condition which has been bothering you for some time.