Jock Itch Cure

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What Is Jock Itch?

Do you have an itch around the tops of your inner thighs? Very itchy and driving you crazy? Many guys and girls too know all about this kind of itch, an itch that can literally drive you absolutely crazy indeed.

jock_itchThe groin is a favorite place for yeast to hide out, and the conditions are just right which include heat, moisture (sweat) and poor air circulation. The tops of the inner thighs and the scrotal region are common places for jock itch, and guys who are particularly prone are those who wear tight clothing with poor ventilation, such as truck drivers, mechanics, welders and those who tend to wear coveralls for long periods on time.

Often it can be a combination of these conditions and at times include underclothing containing nylon, so do make sure your undergarments are 100% cotton or better still – merino (wool) which I believe is the best thing to have against your skin. I have found patients who have jock itch often have toe-nail fungus as well, otherwise known as athlete’s foot. Jock itch can mean an intense itching and burning around the private parts, thee are the most usual symptoms. There can also be redness, flaking and peeling on the inner thighs, pubic area, penis, and scrotum in males and around the pubic region or vagina in women. Jock itch is not necessarily a male complaint, many females can have an intense itch and redness on the inner thighs and mons pubis which is yeast related as well.

Solution: You need to address the underlying candida yeast infection, because this in not just a local problem, you will be systemically affected – guaranteed. Try local treatment with some Thursday Plantation products, but look at internal treatment. Try an intimate cream containing either the New Zealand Horopito herb or Australian tea tree oil, either work very effectively. Your local health-food store or naturopath may have these products or could recommend a suitable topical product.

Tea Tree Oil Products

One of the best anti-fungal products to use is Tea Tree Oil. I highly recommend using the Tea Tree Oil soap, and in most cases have seen a dramatic improvement in Jock Itch cases in literally days of using Tea Tree Oil products. You may want to read on Tea Tree oil to gain an understanding on how powerful this natural medicine is against candida yeast infections. Other powerful oils to use are neem oil, oregano oil and lavender oil.


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