The Hypo-Allergenic Diet

Adverse Food Reactions

Is It a Food Allergy Or Is It A Food Intolerance?

Have you worked out yet if your issue with a food is immune-related or non-immune related? Many people, even doctors or naturopaths, get this mixed up.To bring you up to speed, you may like to read is Food Allergy or Food Intolerance?.

The Hypo-Allergenic Diet Sheet

Eric_Bakker_ND_Consultation_1Here is my Hypo-Allergenic Diet Sheet (the Low Allergy Diet) which we use in our clinic as a hand-out. It features a list of the possible offending foods and the substitutes. The column on the left represents the foods  are much less likely to aggravate, the column on the right represents those foods which are most likely to affect a person’s immune system.The Hypo-Allergenic diet sheet does not take into account the fact you may be a celiac, or be sensitive to dietary salicylates, amines, colors, flavorings or preservatives. You will need to bear this in mind, and need to further consult with your naturopath on these matters. You may also have food intolerances, which also may need to be addressed.


These can come about due to poor digestive enzyme levels or various other reasons. You are best to have a professional assessment to determine your particular needs if you suspect and allergy or intolerance.

You can download the PDF version here.



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