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Food IS Medicine, Medicine Should Be Healthy Food

Anyone who knows me will be quick to tell you I’m big on healthy eating, and I’ve been that way most all of my life. Welcome to our Healthy Food page. For most who read this page, it’s probably best to start at the basic level of a nutrition and lifestyle program. You’ll find there is plenty of basic information on this page, and the many page links to Pages of Interest below.

However, even if you have experience in selecting, preparing and eating a healthy and balanced diet and have become committed to improving your health for some time, there will still be some good information and useful tips on these pages.

Are you getting the basics right? There are many reasons getting the basics right is so important if you wish to succeed with your healthy diet and lifestyle approach.

For getting your healthy diet and lifestyle on track, it comes down to these two basic points:

1. It Takes Time To Adopt Healthy Habits

Just like it takes time to achieve anything worthwhile in your life, there are no exceptions. It takes time and patience to integrate healthy ways of eating and living into your daily life, but you’ll find they lay the foundation for good health and wellbeing. For example, learn to drink a glass of water when you get up each morning, make it an “automatic habit”, like brushing your teeth before bedtime (I hope you do it).

When you get into your car, for example, you always fasten your seat belt as soon as you get inside. You give little thought to what you’re doing, or even why you’re doing it. It’s automatic, you just DO IT. Your brain loves routines because they save it time and energy. When you automate everyday tasks, you release mental capability that can be applied to other tasks. You become both healthy and efficient when you learn to automate healthy ways of eating and living. Like drinking water, or eating more vegetables, or getting up from your desk and going for a walk.

2. You Need To Allow Your Body Time To Adjust

Many people want to make healthy changes when they are unwell or sick. The fact is that many people become impatient and want to go from feeling bad to good quickly. In fact, literally days or weeks, even if they have been unwell for many years. When you learn to take your health more seriously and make the changes that enable your body to repair and heal itself, it may produce additional symptoms.

For example, if you are on a weight loss program, your body will need to adjust to the lowered levels of insulin, cholesterol and blood pressure. You should experience some weight reduction as well, and for some this can be dramatic, for others it will be minimal. With all these changes occurring to your body, there will almost certainly be emotional and psychological changes as well, so allow yourself time to adjust to these changes. Over time as your healthy eating habits become more regular and your health improves, you’ll find it harder to slip back into old ways.

Click on Healthy Eating and read a comprehensive page that can teach you best ways to begin eating and living healthy. There are the several links you can click to take you to different pages containing plenty of useful information. Links also include pages about your best food choices, shopping on budget, best supplements, the best lifestyle changes to make and more.

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