Gluten Free Side Dishes

Gluten-Free Side Options

Are you interested in making tasty gluten-free side dishes? OK, conventional pasta is off limits. But who cares, there are so many different side-dish options that your choices are vast and varied for those food lovers who are gluten-intolerant and gluten-sensitive.

Side dishes to me represent small light portions of the freshest of vegetables, gently cooked using methods like stir-fry or steaming. Use a little butter or olive oil and perhaps some fresh garlic or herbs. Side dishes are best served with meals containing proteins such as free-range chicken, freshly cooked fish or beef.

You will find dozens of  gluten-free recipes on our website. Please take care, if you have celiac disease or cook meals for a person who is a celiac, to always carefully consult the ingredient lists to make sure that none of the ingredients you select contain gluten. The other concern is not not include any sauces like soy sauce, which can potentially contain gluten. See my article called The Top Ten Gluten Imposters.